What is the background of how global global frisbee makers made worldwide coffee machines?

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A cup of coffee is brewed by hand dripping"Blue bottle coffee" also opens in JapanFor example, the voice for delicious coffee has existed unchanged from the past. Even so, it is reputed that delicious coffee will be completed in just one minuteAero PressThere is a coffee maker called "Aerobie", a manufacturer that actually developed this product, a frisbee that fly farthest in the world "AerobieIt is also a manufacturer of a different color that is also the manufacturer of.

First Alan Adler Invented the Aerobie. Now He's Created the Perfect Cup of Coffee - Backchannel - Medium

Founded in 1984, Aerobics is a sports toy manufacturer based in Palo Alto, California. Founder Alan Adler developed the company by developing a donut-shaped flying disk "Aerobie" which improved "Frisbee" which had been sold in the 1980's.

"Aerobie" that has compiled the aerodynamic efficiency has boasted a flight distance that is not comparable with the conventional Frisbee, and in particular the real model called "Aeroby · Pro" is the flying flying established the world record of the flight distance of 1333 feet (402.298 meters) It is certified as a disc.

Here is a YouTube movie that shows how such aerobics fly. It seems that it has not reached the record of about 400 meters, but it shows how the camera flew far enough to throw away from the top of the hill and lose sight of its appearance.

Aerobie Record Throw 2001 - YouTube

Adler who developed such an aero creates a completely different genre coffee machine "Aero Press". We do not do extensive publicity etc. We have gradually sold people's topics through coffee specialists and other reviews, so we have sold 10 million aero presses in about 10 years from the launch.

Mr. Adler said the background of development of such an aero pressMediumI talk a lot in an interview.

◆ History of development
The reason why Mr. Adler triggered the development of Aero Press was the content of the conversation with the wife of the company's sales manager. Mr. Adler who heard the story of Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mr. Adler who was bothering coffee from the usual paper but he was suffering from becoming a watery coffee by inevitably failing to resolve himself decided to solve the problem. First we started development from various places to do research with a general drip method.

Until then Mr. Adler said that he had little knowledge of coffee, but the only thing I knew was that "coffee brewed at a lower temperature boiling will have sweetness". First of all, we coffee coffee at various temperatures and finally found out that coffee brewed at 175 degrees Fahrenheit (79 degrees Celsius) is the most delicious.

ByTimothy Marsee

In addition, Mr. Adler looks to take about 5 minutes to complete the drip. If brewing at low temperature makes coffee delicious, Mr. Adler thought that it would be better if the time is short, Adler said that shortening the time by applying pressure to the beans from the top of the dripper Although he seems to have tried, he said that this was not very effective.

Mr. Adler thought that it was necessary to shorten the time to extract the coffee by putting the beans in a hermetically sealed container and applying pressure, and then devising various shapes themselves make a prototype and coffee He continued to brew, finally succeeded in brewing delicious coffee with less bitterness than ordinary drip coffee.

Mr. Adler responded "40 times" to the question "How many times did you challenge to get along well?" The earliest thing was a thing like a pump that inflates the tires of a bicycle and it turned out that it would soon work but it was said that various trial and error were repeated before making it into an actual shape. How to expose the beans to hot water Various attempts are done even if only one is done, and finally finally it seems that I finally settled in a way to stir the beans and hot water into the aero press like the present and stir slowly.

Aerobic Corporation, which has entered the manufacturing stage, has undergone one-step development and invested in equipment such as metal molds, which is also called hundreds of thousands of dollars (tens of millions of yen). However, for the company that has specialized in sports toys until then, there seems to have been severe market initiation of the food grocery division at first.

Mr. Adler as a developer
Mr. Adler born in 1938 said that he liked to do something with personal things since childhood. Mr. Adler learned repair of the house in a place like a DIY course for housewife, he seemed to have done it by myself if it was a simple electric construction, Mr. Adler also said that from his mother I learned a lot of techniques. Mr. Adler who got various repairs as an impression is said to have earned pocket money by being asked for repair from a neighbor.

In 1960, Mr. Adler who was acquiring the first patent and selling it to the company, it does not go well well. Meanwhile, it looked like a slinky toy made of springSlapsieI developed a toy called a toy makerWham-OSucceeded with the contract with, the first product to be commercialized. (However, sales did not grow much)

Mr. Adler, a developer like that, had been questioning the structure of Frisbee all the time. Despite being a flying disc that needs to fly with air splashed, Mr. Adler started to develop a flying disc with the thinnest possible body, as he felt a problem with the body being too thick. As a result, despite succeeding in extending the flight distance greatly, bad straight running stability has become a new problem this time. In order to solve this, Adler developed a ring shaped flying disc. Later the product name "Skyro"The product launched as a successful, succeeded in establishing a new record with the flight distance at that time.

However, Mr. Adler was concerned that Skyro's performance is displayed only at a certain speed. Mr. Adler who again made Skyro 's patent right succeeded in dramatically improving aerodynamic characteristics by attaching fins to the rim. The shape of the present aeroby was completed at this time.

◆ Coffee Machine "Aero Press"
Such an Aero press of coffee machine developed by Mr. Adler is a price of around 5000 yen in Japanese yen, but it is immovable as it can produce delicious coffee better than a full-scale machine with a price of tens of times I am making it. Although it is Aerobics that it does not advertise Aero press hardly, the machine gradually extends support in word of mouth. Especially, as a coffee-related writer got a real machine to use and write articles, reputation got a reputation, reputation as an excellent machine came to be established.

The company holds a tournament called "Aero Press Championship" which competes for the taste of coffee brewed by aero press, and various ways of brewing have been devised here. In the past, it was said that there was also a time when the mainstream occupied the method called "aero press · hack" to return the coffee once brewed again to the aero press and rebuild, but in recent years it has been faithful to the basic principle The method along is said to be main stream.

Mr. Adler also does not seem to forget the interest in the recent coffee industry, it also refers to "blue bottle coffee" which is popular in the United States. About the reason for the deliciousness of blue bottle coffee which adopts the conventional type of drip method "Although it is probably because of beans.They are making good beans", the aero press which is also short in time to extract is better It is emphasizing that it is.

Mr. Adler is currently involved in development, what aExercise equipmentAnd that. Mr. Adler, who is promoting the development of instruments that can enjoy exercising more than ever, he seems to have no interest in wondering what kinds of products will come out to the world this time.

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