Do people change with money?

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Wolf of Wall StreetAs in "Hollywood movies", the works depicting how people change according to "money" are not limited to Hollywood movies. "People change with money"The idea has become like a fixed concept, is it really money changing people?

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There are palm trees planted on the coastal street in Los Angeles where many people come and go, such as youth on a skateboard and an old man walking a dog. Social psychologist Dr. Paul Piff also said that he will spend a little time walking this afternoon every afternoon. However, the purpose of Dr. Piff is a little different from others.

Many high net worth living in this area of ​​Los Angeles, luxury car such as 4WD, sports car, hybrid car etc. Many cars running on the road seem to be. We are experimenting with these cars "We are a wealthy person or a poor man who stops cars when pedestrians are crossing the crosswalk?" Legally, in Los Angeles, if a pedestrian is about to cross a pedestrian crossing, the car needs to stop in front of the pedestrian crossing. However, as a result of the experiment, it seems that there are many cases where luxury cars run ahead of pedestrians than cars of general rank.

Dr. Piff said, "No one drove the law in the cheapest class of drivers, that is, they stop the car firmly in front of the pedestrian crossing, but the most expensive category A driver riding on the entering automobile will break the law with a probability of about 50% and will pass by the pedestrian with a dash, "he talks about the experiment results.


A survey of the images of rich and poor people in the general population, many people had aware that "poor people tend to break rules" a while ago. This is because the poor are thought to be "in a situation more difficult than other people" due to financial instability. However, Dr. Piff pointed out that this is the opposite side, it is said that wealthy people with a lot of money are less interested in others, and tend to give priority to their interests first I am insisting.

Besides this, as a result of doing research about "how money affects human behavior" for nearly 10 years, Dr. Piff led the conclusion that "mercy and moral intelligence will decrease when wealthy" According to him, "As money grows, people are asking for their own interests and desires, and money makes them psychologically and materially isolated."

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Dr. PIFF and his psychology laboratory have gradually solved "how money affects human behavior" by doing a number of experiments up to now. Past experimental results show that wealthy people are more likely to "work harder to ask for better compensation in simple games using dice" compared to poor people or " There is a tendency to ignore the rule and ignore the rule and move for my own interest and love, such as "to eat arbitrarily" or "to eat arbitrarily" or "do not try to help others" It is known.

There is a famous test among psychologists "dictator test". This is to create a group of several people, give each group 10 dollars to one group and not give money to the other, "You may give money to people in the group who did not receive anything, I do not have to do anything. " Rational thinking, poor people should keep money for them, wealthy people may feel that they should share money with others. However, actually it happens that it is the opposite event, the wealthy people seem to have less money to share with others, and the poor people seem to have 150% more to share with others than wealthy people.

ByDavid Goehring

Other experiments have also been made that let two players randomly extracted play MONOPOLY and give one player more money from the start. The result of the game is that the player who got a lot of money at the beginning gets rich, and the player who was not so becomes poor, but when we let a number of subjects play Monopoly under the same conditions, wealth The players gradually became arrogant and found that they had plenty of pretzels on the table.

Dr. PIFF concludes that "When humans feel that they are wealthy, their interest is diluted." Actually, in the case of poor people, interpersonal relationship becomes very important because it becomes difficult to live unless it depends extremely on social system and friendship relationship. On the other hand, if you are wealthy you can solve any problems with money, so interest in others may be diminished.


Since Dr. Piff in 2010 announced the research results that "Money makes people unpleasant", they were ecstatic to see if scientists around the world were truly reproducible . Some publish the results of experiments that support Dr. Piff's conclusions, others have published totally contrary results.

In a study in the Netherlands, there is a result that the wealthier is more generous than the poor in the "dictator test", and in the experiments by European scientists, the wealthier the more time and money are spent on others The result that it was giving up has come out.

However, experiments on the ethical dilemma conducted by researchers in Hong Kong revealed that wealthy people will accept moral violations such as cheating and lying. Also, letting the other person's subjects hear the sound while playing the game, the subjects sounded an unpleasant sound to disturb the other party. If we set a reward for this experiment, the frequency of sounding sounds increased is.

Dr. Piff presents his own research results at TED, and can also see how it appears from the following movies.

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The size of the circle drawn when asking "I want to draw a circle representing himself" with the pen seems to be proportional to the wealth of each person, it is a wealthy person to draw a big circle, a small circle It seems that it is a poor person to draw.

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