A new product with an air purification function that can eliminate up to PM 0.1 in that "fan without blades" Dyson "Pure Cool" photo review

Dyson, known for "vacuum cleaner with no suction power" and "fan without blades"Pure CoolWe announced. Because Pure Cool is said to be a next generation fan with air cleaning function in Air Multiplier which does not have Dyson's feathers, I have been watching the real thoroughly in Dyson's office.

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I came to Dyson 's office in Chiyoda - ku, Tokyo to see what kind of product the new product Pure Cool is.

This is Pure Cool. It looks like a fan without Dyson's feather "AM07 tower fan"It does not change.

The main body size of Pure Cool is 1018 mm × 196 mm × 196 mm. . Since the size of the AM 07 tower fan is 1007 mm × 230 mm × 230 mm, there is no big difference in the size of Pure Cool and AM 07 tower fans. However, it is said that the air purifier can reduce the installation area by up to 70% compared to conventional products. The weight is 3.58 kg and it is a level that you can easily carry with both hands.

In the upper part of the main unit, so-called "bladeless fan" part performs only blast, this is the same as other air multiplier products.

So what exactly is different from "fan without feathers", that secret is hidden in the bottom of the main unit. At the lower part of the main unit, Dyson is equipped with the air purification function developed using the latest technology, and it delivers a cleaner wind than the conventional air multiplier product.

The lower part of the main body with the air purification function is equipped with a metallic panel with a slick touch.

Pressing the buttons on both sides of the main body ... ...

It is possible to remove the top of the main unit. I will show you the part where the air purification function is installed carefully because it is troublesome.

The shape of the windmill of the image is to send the cleaned air upward. However, what Dyson newly developed is not this part ... ...

It is a filter that can be removed with cap.

The model which removed the metal panel so that the structure of the filter can be known. You can see that there are countless white filters on the inside of the metal panel.

The filter installed in Pure Cool is a "360 ° glass HEPA filter" originally developed by Dyson, which is a PM 0.1 level ultrafine particulate matter much smaller than the PM 2.5 particle It removes 99.95%.

There is only one HEPA filter used for Pure Cool. However, one HEPA filter as wide as 6.45 m is diffracted 245 and is wrapped around the circumference.

The mechanism of Pure Cool is like this, and the HEPA filter which is connected in many layers removes the invisible ultrafine particulate matter and sends out clean air cleaned by the filter.

Filter is interchangeable, the replacement standard is about 1 year with use of 12 hours a day. When you need to replace the filter, the power button on the unit glows and tells us. Filters can be purchased from mass merchandisers and Dyson's online shops and can be easily replaced by users themselves.

Pure Cool is operated with the included remote control. The upper left of the remote control is the power button, and the one below it is the wind volume control button. At the top right is the swing button and at the bottom right is the sleep timer setting button.

Air volume can be adjusted in 10 steps from 1 to 10. You can check how the air volume of Pure Cool has been increased from 1 to 10 from the following movie.

I tried raising the air volume from 1 to 10 by operating "Pure Cool" - YouTube

Pure Cool's operating sound was hardly noticed if the air volume was about 7. When the wind volume reaches 10, it sounds loud as expected, but the volume is the same level as "power" of the fan. Pure Cool was published by the British Noise Prevention OrganizationQuiet Mark(Quiet Mark) ", in short, it meets international standards as" quiet product ".

The airflow level is displayed above the power button.

Pure Cool also has a heading of 70 ° to the left and right. The clean air cleaned by this will move so that it circulates through the room. You can check the movie you tried using Pure Cool with the swinging function from the following.

I tried "Pure Cool"'s head swing function - YouTube

Pure Cool, which can be used not only as an air purifier but also as a fan, can be set within the range of 15 minutes to 9 hours, and the shop front reference price is scheduled to be released on April 28 with a consumption tax of 64,800 yen. You can choose from two types of color: "Iron / Sathean Blue" and "White / Silver".

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