Android application "Nice to use alarm clock" review that makes absolutely zero risk of being late for days that can not be late

ByAndy Cross

In addition to oversleeping and poor physical condition, we may be late for school or company due to things we can not do by themselves, such as delay of train and weather. "Awkward alarmIs an application for Android that checks the time of such train delay and bad weather and raises it earlier than the set time of the alarm clock.

Awkward alarm clock - Google Play Android application

Open the above URL and tap Install.

Tap "I agree".

When installation is completed, the icon of "awkward alarm" is displayed, so tap it to start it.

When you start up the setting screen opens. Select the day of the week to sound the alarm, confirm that the operation is "ON", set the alarm time, and tap the icon displayed at the lower right of the time.

On this screen, you can set alarm sounds according to situations such as "normal time", "delayed train", "bad weather". Tap "Alarm sound such as train delay" ... ...

You can set an alarm tone from an audio file saved in the terminal or a downloaded file. This time I chose an alarm tone from an audio file.

It is convenient because you can judge the situation by alarm sound only if you set alarm sounds at normal time, train delay time and bad weather, separately. Also, if you tap "Check time of weather and train delay" ...

You can set the confirmation time in increments of 5 minutes from 5 minutes ago to 30 minutes ago. In the initial state, it is set to "15 minutes ago".

After setting the alarm time and sound, set "route" to be checked and "area of ​​weather forecast". First, tap "Select" on the right side of "Select train to board".

Tap the area and select "Kanto", the route in the Kanto area will be displayed.

Select what to use from the displayed line and tap "OK" at the end to finish setting the route.

Since it comes back to the setting screen, check "Check train service status 15 minutes ago". Next, tap "Select" on the right side of "Select a weather forecast region".

Since the region name of the whole country is displayed, tap on the things to check from among them.

Do not forget to check "check weather forecast 15 minutes ago" and tap finish setting at the end.

"Awkward alarm clock" is information on train operation "Yahoo! Route informationAnd weather "Livedoor weather informationIt checks with ". So by setting the Osaka cyclic line of JR West where the delay occurred at the time of writing the article, I will try to actually sound the alarm.

Set the alarm to "Osaka cyclic line" by checking the route.

The alarm sounded properly 15 minutes before the alarm time. A large clock is displayed on the alarm screen, and you can judge the time instantly. Tap 'stop alarm' ...

By displaying the page of "Yahoo! Route Information", you can see that there is a delay on the route you set up.

Next we set it to Osaka prefecture Osaka (Osaka city) which is raining with livedoor weather information and try to see if the alarm sounds.

Set the weather in Osaka.

When 15 minutes before the alarm time, the alarm worked. Tap "stop alarm" to check weather information.

Weather information about livedoor was displayed.

Next we will set a "0 Osaka Ring Line" and "Osaka" with bad weather, which is delayed.

Confirm that the alarm sounds 15 minutes before the alarm time. The alarm sound was set to weather music was played. Tap "stop alarm" to check details.

If both the route and the weather were set, "Yahoo! route information" and "livedoor weather information" are displayed on one page.

If you use an attractive alarm clock application, if the train is delayed or it is snowing, it will wake me up sooner than usual, so the danger of being late for the day "absolutely can not be late today! It seems likely. For those who only use Tokyo Metro, there is an application dedicated to Tokyo Metro and it is available for download from the following URL.

Awkward Alarm for Tokyo Metro - Android application on Google Play

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