'Google Chrome 41 stable version' is released, 51 security measures and API enhancements


Google has released a stable version of Google Chrome 41 for Windows, Mac and Linux. This update includes a total of 51 security vulnerabilities including high risk vulnerabilities, changes to APIs for applications and extensions, changes to improve stability and performance. Also, at the same time "Chrome OS" which is the OS for Chromebook has been updated to the same version.

Chrome Releases: Stable Channel Update

Chrome Releases: Stable Channel Update for Chrome OS

◆ Chrome 41
In Chrome update version "41.0.2272.76" this time there are few major visible changes to the user, mainly due to enhanced security and "many invisible changes to stability and performance (Lots Of under the hood changes for stability and performance "has been added. In addition to security related improvements mainly for developers such as strengthening developer tools and adding APIs, there seems to be little change that the general user can experience.

Even so, it is indispensable for improving security, so do not forget to remember when notification of update came.

◆ Chrome OS 41
The latest version of Chrome OS version "41.0.2272.76" fixes several bugs, improves the stability of Wi - Fi connections on some Chromebook models,Chrome Remote DesktopRemote operation function of Chrome OS terminal has been added, and wallpaper while guest mode is running is changed to material design etc. are added.

Chrome for Android is not updated at the time of article creation.

The latest version of Google Chrome can also be downloaded from the following page.

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