Three-dimensional ultrasonic fingerprint authentication "Snapdragon Sense ID" with accuracy exceeding Apple 's 2 - dimensional fingerprint authentication "Touch ID" Qualcomm' s new announcement Summary

It is held in SpainMobile World Congress(MWC 2015), Qualcomm uses fingerprint authentication using ultrasound "Snapdragon Sense IDAnnounced. Fingerprint authentication enters the world of three-dimensional imaging, and fake fingerprints are likely to be extremely difficult to counterfeit.

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◆ Snapdragon Sense ID
You can tell what kind of technology Snapdragon Sense ID is by looking at the following movie.

Breakthrough 3D fingerprint authentication with Snapdragon Sense ID - YouTube

Snapdragon Sense ID adopts 3D fingerprint authentication technology.

Touch the smartphone ......

Ultrasonic waves are irradiated from the built-in chip, and fingerprints are scanned.

Unlike traditional 2D imaging fingerprint authentication ......

Snapdragon Sense ID can recognize irregularities and sweat holes on the fingerprint surface. It is extremely difficult to break through authentication with a counterfeit fingerprint, as we can detect multi-dimensional features of fingers.

Snapdragon Sense ID can be used regardless of surface materials such as iron, aluminum, plastic, sapphire and glass.

For example, if it is built under the display, there is no need to provide a space for fingerprint authentication, so the flexibility of smartphone design is expanded.

In addition, Snapdragon Sense ID will function correctly even if dirt, sweat, hand cream etc adhere to your fingers.

It also supports authentication technology called SECURE MSM.

Unlock your smartphone with Snapdragon Sense ID's authentication ... ....

Touch the terminal to the NFC reader.

It is also possible to instantly cancel the authentication of the terminal via online.

The ultrasonic fingerprint authentication technology "Snapdragon Sense ID" is adopted by mobile terminals equipped with Snapdragon 810 · Snapdragon 425 and is scheduled to appear in the second half of 2015, maintaining compatibility with the Snapdragon 800 · 600 · 400 series So it will be available in many Qualcomm SoC devices, smart phones and tablets in the future.

◆ Zeroth
Furthermore, Qualcomm is a new platform of Cognitive computing "cognitive learning function"Zeroth"Concept movie released about. Next generation Snapdragon seems to realize the future where all information can be obtained without searching.

Qualcomm Zeroth Platform: Bringing Cognitive Technologies to Life - YouTube

Machine learning is required for information terminals to perform "cognition", "thought", "understanding", and Snapdragon is developing a machine learning platform Zeroth. Daily life will change completely by Zeroth.

Zeroth can recognize objects photographed by camera in three dimensions.

Three-dimensional sensing accurately recognizes the surrounding situation, Zeroth himself judges the information necessary for the user from there. Using the user's action history etc., necessary information is considered and presented.

For example, if you turn your camera on a smartphone to a sign that is not your mother tongue, you automatically translate it automatically.

In addition, from the fact that it is approaching the station, it is judged as "get on the train". It will clearly indicate the information necessary for traveling by train. In the movie, delay information "Train is delayed by two hours" is automatically displayed.

Following the delay information on the train, "The new museum is opening near 4 o'clock, so we should go there". It presents information according to user's taste.

With real-time learning function Zeroth, smartphone user experience seems to undergo a drastic change.

◆ Snapdragon 820
Qualcomm, within the announcement of the Zeroth platform, is the next high-end SoC "Snapdragon 820It also refers to. The Snapdragon 820 is a high-end SoC that succeeds the Snapdragon 810. The CPU is equipped with ARMv8 (64 bit) based "Kryo", and power saving technologyBig.LITTLEWe will not adopt it. The Snapdragon 820 is shipped from the end of 2015 to the beginning of 2016, and smart phones with Snapdragon 820 are expected to appear one after another in 2016. Since it is said that Snapdragon 820 will become SoC for Zeroth platform, it seems that the Zeroth platform can be expected to appear in 2016 as well.

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