Google new headquarters design overflows the future of SF and transforms the city itself with a transparent image

Google's futuristic new company plan that the entire city is covered with a canopy has been released. It is as if a town was kept as it was in a building that is completely covered with a transparent material like glass.

North Bayshore campus proposal

The appearance of Google's new headquarters, which is planned to be built along a road that gently curves. Building where transparent material was used, it has become a facility which is easy to light daylighting. This building is made by remodeling the appearance around Hough Avenue where Google's facilities are scattered now.

By the way, the appearance of Huff Avenue which is currently open to Google Earth is like this. All the buildings scattered in the sections partitioned into the square are Google facilities, and it seems that the plan turns into a pretty soft atmosphere in the plan.

Illustration that understands canopy type design well. A transparent cover is placed so as to cover the existing building completely, and the interior is controlled to the temperature and air cleanliness, noise, etc. In the part facing the road, cafés and local stores and others will set up stores so that everyone can use it.

The area facing Shoreline Boulevard (Shoreline · Boulevard), near Hough Avenue, looks like a theme park. It is an area where ordinary people enter, and rental space etc. are also planned to be offered. Like buildings seen in the back left, the buildings close to the road surface are low, organized to become a tall building towards the back.

A state of the interior of the master building. Various buildings are built in a building like a huge greenhouse, and it is supposed to be used for Googlers workspace and relaxation. In addition to cafes and restaurants, it seems that you can also incorporate yoga studio and cycling / walking course inside.

This concept design led by Mr. Biyarke Ingels, a global architectBIG(Bjarke Ingels Group) and designers'Thomas HeatherwickThings drawn by Mr. et al. The building of the new office building has flexibility to easily disassemble and move, and even if you advance into various anticipated new businesses, ideas to facilitate relocation are incorporated as necessary It is.

State of building entrance. A huge parking garage will be established in the basement, space saving and high accessibility will be realized. The state of the interior full of water and greenery is impressive.

The environment around the building is going to be remodeled greatly. Employees will be able to work in a more natural environment and they will be able to enjoy meals and gardening in the park area open to local people.

Google's canopy type new building built on the banks of the stream and green. This basement has a huge parking lot designed to fit all of the huge cars Google employees use for commuting. Due to the improvement of the parking environment, it is problematic in the areaGooglers commuteIt is also expected to resolve "Google traffic jam" by.

The current parking lot will be replaced with an area full of greenery. Planting trees that will be promoted at the administrative level to regain the ecosystem that originally existed in this areaRe-OakingEfforts to rebuild wetlands and so on will be promoted.

The building is surrounded by a transparent canopy covered road called "Green Loop", designed to protect pedestrians and bicycles from rain.

An anticipated illustration of a new appearance in the Mountain View area overlooking the San Francisco Bay. The appearance of a white giant dome that melts into the land full of greenery is impressive. It makes me feel like an image of a space base made on Mars.

In Google's local mountain view, there are aspects such as environmental changes and automobiles that are causing problems with the growth of Google. Aspects of Google announcing this plan as a measure against these problems There seems to be. Currently there is no specific time to realize yet, but we are hoping for a follow-up report on what kind of Google environment will go the most advanced in the world.

Interview by Mr. Inger and Mr. Heatherwick of the designer, and synthesized forecast illustration to the actual landscape can be seen in the following movie.

Google's Proposal for North Bayshore - YouTube

A landscape of Mountain view where the current Google head office is built.

With a unique design, it can be said that it is a rather advanced building at the present moment, but Google plans for further transformation from here.

It is the architect Biyarke Ingels who is responsible for the concept.

Mr. Inglis is a Danish-born architect and has a career in charge of various international projects.

And Mr. Thomas Heatherwick who is in charge of design. He is a designer based in London, and in 2012 I was also in charge of designing the Olympic Torch Base used at the London Olympics.

It was the design concept of this time that both these and Google jointly created. The forecast diagram that synthesized the canopy into the actual landscape is like this.

A place full of beautiful nature around San Francisco Bay where Mountain View is located.

Three people created the concept with the environment enabling companies and communities to coexist without destroying such nature.

It is a canopy towering up in the night sky, but it seems to say that it is melting without wonder and pressure.

As its concept, emphasis is placed on ideas to eliminate things like breaking existing buildings and rebuilding new buildings.

Each building is designed with the concept of "modularization" in mind, it can easily be disassembled and moved. It is said that it will be possible to avoid wasteful construction and destruction, eventually deterioration of the environment.

Inside the canopy also introduced a mechanism like an umbrella that adjusts the amount of sunlight. It can be operated flexibly according to the environment.

A canopy of a new company building that looks like a living thing while it is a building. It seems that ideas that melt in the environment are included in various ways.

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