A collaborative foldable slide design but a smartphone equipped with Firefox OS is now under development to 2016

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To make Mozilla work with KDDI · LG U + · Telefónica · Verizon Wireless to make Firefox OS Phone more intuitive and easy to use, features such as folding type, sliding type, straight type etc. are equipped with functions like smart phones We are planning to release a new terminal with features like phones in 2016,Mobile World Congress 2015We announced at.

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Firefox OS created as an OS for smartphones is named "Boot 2 Gecko"Development was promoted, 2 years ago in 2013, the day before MWC 2013 held, "It is planned to release smartphones equipped with Firefox OS" was announced.

Release of smartphones equipped with "Firefox OS" made with HTML 5 is decided, the latest demo of the actual machine is like this - GIGAZINE

KDDI's Firefox OS-equipped smartphone, which was said to be "scheduled to be released within 2014", is announced in December 2014 as "Fx 0" at this time.

Smartphone with "Firefox OS" appeared from Japan's first au "Fx 0" haste photo review - GIGAZINE

The Firefox OS is proclaiming "a truly open open platform" and increasing its share at first glance, but there seems to be a problem that it is necessary to have the Firefox OS touches more easily, and KDDI etc. 4 We are planning to put out a terminal with an unprecedented form factor in 2016 in cooperation with the company.

From the basic parts such as telephone and text to the latest technologies such as VoLTE, mail, camera, browsing, navigation, music player and so on, it seems that it plans to equip the balance well and looks like "Feature phone" folding Expression "," Slide type "," Straight style ". Although it feels like "straight style" does not change much from the current smart phone, "folding smart phone" and "sliding smart phone" are few in number on Android terminals, so they are likely to be conspicuous.

Because development is not yet proceeded at this time, although the exhibition has not yet been done at the venue, I am looking forward to the extent to which Firefox OS will bite as a third power different from Android · iOS.

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