Amazon is considering speeding delivery with 3D printer-equipped trucks, inventory reduction & delivery time can be shortened

Examining the patent filed by "Amazon" shows that R & D related to 3D printing technology is being done, but it was published a few weeks agoPatent application, It is clear that "mobile base with 3D printers" has been developed.

Amazon Files Patent for Mobile 3D Printing Delivery Trucks -

When Drones Are not Enough, Amazon Envisions Trucks with 3D Printers - Digits - WSJ

AmazonMixee LabsWe can partner with companies related to 3D printing such as, "Can change part of product color and design"3D Printing Store"We are developing a service called. Although it seems that business related to 3D printing seems to be successful up to now, Amazon seems to have plans to further expand the scale and range of development.

In addition, Amazon has applied for a patent on "on-demand 3D printing technology as a mobile manufacturing base". With this technology, Amazon will be able to save both time and money, he said.

In the patent application, "When handling multiple items, a huge space is needed to secure those stocks, and it is also time to find products purchased by customers from a large amount of inventory If the warehouse area further increases, there is a possibility that the price of on-line mail-order sales will soar.In addition, if the time from receiving an order to receiving an item increases, customer satisfaction is Therefore, it is written that on-line mail ordering requires "to reduce inventory in warehouse" and "to shorten the time from order to delivery of goods" And this "Reduce inventory in warehouse"Shorten the time from delivery of goods to ordersSo, 3D printing technology is used.

The technology that Amazon actually applies for is actually sending an STL file to a mobile manufacturing device that is closest to the customer and manufacturing and delivering the ordered item on the spot . According to Amazon, this "mobile manufacturing equipment" is equipped with multiple 3D printing technologies, CNC cutting tools and so on. This will allow Amazon to reduce inventory in the warehouse, which means that delivery time can be shortened because there is no need to search for merchandise.

Of course, not all technologies applied for patents will be converted to services,Delivery service by droneIf you plan on Amazon, you may not be surprised if you come to manufacture Dokadoka products in the delivery truck.

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