Overwhelming movie "Productivity Future Vision" showing Microsoft's "future"

As to how the future computing evolves, how it changes the lifestyle and what kind of "world" it is created, Microsoft will introduce the movie "Productivity Future Vision"Has been created and made public.

Productivity Future Vision

If you look at the movie below you can understand the wonderfulness of Microsoft's thought "future" with a single shot.

Productivity Future Vision - YouTube

A researcher's cat during scuba diving. She is a marine biologist studying at a pharmaceutical company.

Hologram's "information" is attached to fish and seaweed appearing in the eyes.

Apparently, the display is built in a mask (underwater glasses) and seems to be able to receive various kinds of information.

Before a certain seaweed ......

Get information.

It was saved and added to the library.

A strange sea anemone was marked with a circle, and the question "What is this?" Appeared.

Cats answering "This is a tentacle".

Actually, the students are also watching the video that the cat is watching from the school. Cats in the sea and students in the school can talk online and share pictures in front of them.

I am working on a 3D printer next to class.

3D star finished on Starfish.

The tablet that students use is bezelless (no picture frame), and it can display up to the full screen.

It can be operated by touch or voice.

The teacher came and explained.

Aside from "This is easy to understand", the teacher forwarded it to the student's terminal with a gesture like throwing data. It seems to be able to send and receive data intuitively.

The scene changes and a car running in the path of the countryside.

The cat that was diving earlier is driving. Apparently, I was on vacation.

Arrived at the cafe. I pulled out a terminal like paper.

Touch operation of this terminal can also be done on the outside part.

I'm thinking which tea to order. It seems that you can access the menu information using your terminal at the time of entering the store.

If we expand the terminal it turns into a tablet.

It seems that work is worrisome even during holidays.

Fill pen with "electronic ink".

We add information using color.

If I find information that I care about ......

Immediately contact the research partner. You can talk with video chat.

If you are talking ...

Tea arrives. A little waiting time can also be effectively utilized.

Rola, the president of the company that Cat serves, came to the office.

Income to the ear.

Call while walking. Laura is a very busy business person.

Arrived at the office. Touch the glass wall.

The time schedule was displayed all at once.

It is a space like a landing place, not an office, if you look closely. By just touching the wall, you can enter work mode anytime and anywhere.

Laura checks tasks more and more.

All data is visualized.

The report that I saw was removed with Poipui.

Laura can ask opinions from advisors around the world.

I am checking the progress of Cat's research.

Data can be analyzed in various forms.

Laura took a report that I care about on the terminal at hand.

Sit on the sofa ......

It seems to confirm thoroughly.

Just at that time overseas cats shopping with friends.

"Look it up, this is nice."

If you trace a wristband type terminal in front of the picture of the product you liked ... ...

I copied it.

If you are wondering about the pattern ...

The two wristbands are united.

It is a call from Laura.

Cat reluctantly responds to a sudden call from the boss.

The wristband terminal moves the wrist ......

It seems that it can be operated with the finger pinching action.

"I'm going to work. Bye bye"

The cat at the destination seems to be looking for a place to work calmly.

I found a store named "CO WORKING".

I locked up when I held the wristband.

Apparently it seems to be a rental space offering a place to work.

When you pinch a stick type terminal, it says "WELCOME KATLLANG (Welcome, Cat)" and the desk-like terminal turns into a work terminal for Cat.

Prepare yourself by attaching the incom to the ear.

Check the instructions of Laura. Apparently it seems to be a directive to check reports from the laboratory.

Cats to write in the report.

"Please describe this in detail, please explain in detail" and fill in "?".

It seems that Cat entered work mode.

On the other hand, the roller who confirmed that the cat logged in ... ...

Move away from the garden.

"I can have breakfast with confidence"

Move to the living room.

Toward the display of a huge wall "Good Morning, Papa"

With a huge wall display, you can talk to people in remote areas as if they were in the same space.

"The condition of the knees has improved a lot better," Dad said.

When the foot is moved, the condition of the knee is displayed numerically on the screen.

"That was good," Laura said.

The scene changes and the laboratory of Cat.

Touch the display like a blackboard.

The blackboard that grasp the members who came on will resume the continuation of the last meeting.

Discussion while watching the blackboard.

"How about changing this ingredient?" And touch operation the structural formula of the system diagram.

"What if I make phosphate?"

The blackboard turns red. Apparently it looks like NG.

The next researcher said "I wonder if it is methane."

Drag & drop methyl group to material and add it.

The blackboard turns green. Apparently it seems OK.

Another researcher saves it with a gesture operation like "hiring" and grabbing success examples.

At that time, Laura appeared.

Give instructions.

Cut leaving the blackboard and sit on the sofa ......

A huge tablet also on the table.

Three-dimensional data appears in the hologram.

Stereoscopic data can be manipulated with gestures.

Larger or smaller.

You can also operate by grasping a round pole that jumps out of the screen.

Of course voice operation is also possible. Cats calling out "Good, please."

Workers at remote locations confirmed Cat instructions.

Turn on power of silver strange device.

"Soreike", I planted the equipment from the ship to the sea.

The equipment thrown in will autonomously spread and move in the sea.

Actually, this is an automatic shooting camera terminal that records the underwater situation. Fully automatic collection of research data.

Thanks to that, we can observe the situation of the underwater creatures in real time even in remote areas.

The meeting is over and the cat is at rest.

At that time, we received a new project offer on the wristband terminal.

Looking at the outside scenery, a break for a while. Work can be done anywhere, anytime ... ....

HMD already using 3D hologram "Windows Holographic"And an 84-inch huge touch display terminal"Surface HubAlthough it is Microsoft which announced "Microsoft, the concept of the world that Microsoft is about to create is clearly conveyed from the concept movie" Productivity Future Vision "expressing the" near future "brought about by these technologies.

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