"Banksy" graffiti is bidding for 100 million yen graffiti kitten in the Gaza area of ​​Palestine

British mask mask artist "Banksy」Has left the street art all over the world and there is a case that the graffiti of the town erroneously erases the work by mistake and the graffiti at the auctionA successful bid at about 100 million yenIt got a very high reputation such as being done. That Banksy is opening a documentary movie of about 2 minutes, with some new works left in the Gaza Strip of Palestine.


About 2 minutes documentary can be confirmed from the following movie.

Make this the year YOU discover a new destination - YouTube

"Welcome to Gaza. Let's find a new destination this year."

So I took a car in the city of Gaza.

Go out of the route that the traveler passes through, to some sort of dark place.

We will move through tunnels used for smuggling goods etc.

Open the door and go outside.

Destroyed houses.

The appearance of children.

Even if the building is destroyed, the residents who love the town will not leave the place.

The reason is because "I am not allowed to leave the town" annotation.

In Israel, separated walls are built in Palestine by the name "prevention of suicide bombing", and isolated from the surroundings.

The town is watched by kind neighboring residents.

Hamas military operations conducted by Israel in 2014"Boundary Defense" Operation (Operation · Protective · Edge)As many as 18,000 houses were destroyed.

Development opportunities are everywhere.

After the bombing, cement is banned in Gaza.

In such Gaza, the figure of a person drawing a picture with a spray can.

After the building was destroyed, the one left behind by the door was Rodin's "ThinkerWork inspired by the work.

Children playing with playthings.

A big kitty drawn on the wall.

Children are curious.

A local man said, "The kittens who lost joy found what they play with, but what about our children?"

"If we abandon the conflict between those who have power and those who do not have power, we will come to those who have the power, neutrality is impossible."

Many of the destruction of the town is based on the aforementioned "boundary defense" strategy. More than 2,300 people, including 513 children, were killed and injured, and more than 7,000 civic houses were destroyed by a seven-week bombing.

This was not the first time that Banksey drew a picture in this surrounding area, and in 2005West Bank district of the Jordan RiverIt is inSeparation wallWe are leaving some mural paintings. Isolated walls are explained as "to prevent suicide bombing," but the real purpose is considered Israel to make settlements permanent territory, and has been criticized internationally. Banksy told the guns to Israeli soldiers that they completed the painting as well.

Well-known UK graffiti artist Banksy hacks the Wall | The Electronic Intifada

Girls floating on balloons


A ladder

A tropical country beyond the wall

Beautiful mountains are also spreading

Boys and skies

Banksy's identity as a masking painter is unknown, and in 2008 it was "Banksy is a man named Robert Cunningham, born in Bristol, England, born in 1973Although it was reported that the report was made, in 2014 "Banksy is probably a woman. The reason why Banksy's identity has not been revealed is because we were looking for a man"Or the opinion"A woman led by a team of seven peopleThe opinion that is also appearing.

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