Succeeded at 1 Tbps ultra high speed communication with next generation mobile communication "5 G", 4000 times speed of domestic fastest 225 Mbps

In Japan, a communication service using "LTE-Advanced" which is the standard of the 4 th generation mobile communication system (4 G) from DoCoMo "PREMIUM 4GAlthough the service start of the service has just been announced, at Surrey University in the UK, 4G's next mobile communication system will be "5G"We succeeded in amazing high-speed communication of 1 Tbps in communication test with technology.

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Research and development on 5G, which will be the next generation mobile communication standard5G Innovation CenterProfessor Raheim Tafazori of Surrey University, who is the center director of the 5 GIC, has announced that it has succeeded in developing the high-speed communication technology exceeding the communication speed of 1 Tbps using the 5 G technology for the first time in the world. In the past, as communication using 5G technology, SamsungSuccessful communication at 7.5 GbpsHowever, Professor Raheem's technology seems to be able to communicate at a speed as high as 130 times that of Samsung.

According to Professor Raheem, 5 GIC is developing a new technology to support 5 G service, "We are currently developing more than 10 technologies that will breakthrough in mobile communication, among them One enabled high-speed mobile communication exceeding 1 Tbps.The numerical value of 1 Tbps is the same level as the communication with optical fiber, but with our technology it will be possible on mobile. "

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The 5G communication technology developed by 5 GIC is said to have been successfully communicated by testing at a university laboratory with the distance between the transmitter and the receiver being 100 meters apart. According to Professor Raheem, this 5G communication technology will leave the laboratory in the future, first test on the university campus, and will aim for development in 2018 aiming to be released.

Since 5G communication technology of 5GIC is currently only available in the laboratory, it is unknown at present whether or not high-speed communication of 1 Tbps can be realized under the real world environment, It remains unknown whether it is.

However, "What is important for 5G is what applications will be used in the future." I do not know what application will be used in 2020 or 2030, but I do not know how low latency It would be desirable to have an end-to-end latency of less than 1 millisecond, and our new technology could enable applications that were not feasible in 4G. " Professor Raheem seems to have a clear understanding of what 5 GIC's 5G communication technology needs.

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In the past, "Ofcom", a regulatory body for disciplining and supervising Britain's telecommunications and broadcasting, aims to achieve 50 Gbps communication with 5 G technology in the pastAnnouncementdoing.

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