"Proverbs of Netherlands" packed over 100 proverbs in a single picture

In the paintingsAlthough it is over 100 million yen, it looks like a graffitiThere are things,Mysteries are lurkingAlthough more meaning than the imagination of ordinary people is put in, the thing packed more than 100 proverbs in one picture is "The proverb of Nederland"is. The feeling I saw at a time is an ordinary picture, but when I look carefully it shows a proverb that puts satire in everywhere, it has become a picture that I can watch for hours.

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This is the whole view of "Proverbs of Nederland". It seems just like a picture, but the proverb is hidden everywhere.

So, one example of a proverbial in the picture is from the following.

First of all, a prover who is in the vicinity of the lower left of the picture shows a "masculinity that overcomes everything" by "the possibility of even pressing a demon on the pillow", but it is the woman being drawn. It is a strong woman who holds down the devil, and it expresses that era in a satirical manner.

"People who bite a pillar" is a person with paranoid faith, that is, a hypocrite.

"Attach a bell to the neck of a cat" means going forward and assuming dangerous things. Furthermore, men who have a knit and a knife in mind are also expressing the proverb "Armed up to the teeth" or "fully armed" while also expressing the meaning of "getting armor" and "angry".

"Do not believe a person with fire in one hand and one with water in one hand" means that people who have two faces, that is, those who cause trouble should not believe.

"Hitting a head on a brick wall" means trying to achieve what is impossible. Another person hitting the head against the brick wall is Hadashi. This expresses the proverb "Shoes on one foot, Hadashi the other", which means that the balance is important.

In the picture there is a person who shears the sheep's hair and a person who cuts the pig's hair, which indicates that one is advantageous and the other is disadvantageous.

Furthermore, it means "Do not cut off the skin even if hair is cut," meaning "not to overdo it is advantageous".

"Pigs pulling out the barrel's stoppers" means that disaster will come when neglecting attention.

A prover expressed by a man firing a fish is "used not to be fried here", which is used when you want to say "It does not follow the plan". "To fry all herrings to eat eggs" means "Too much for small purposes". Men are wearing hats, but also "saying a hat" means a proverb, "meaning to take responsibility finally."

The herring hooked by the gills expresses the proverb "You must take responsibility for your own actions", and the harnessed herring stands for the proverb "There are some herrings with contents inside to look like they are not inside" It means that there are some good ones.

The smoke rising from herring stands for the proverb saying "Can you iron it with smoke?" Meaning "no waste trying to change things that can not be changed".

It is hard to see but missing eating dinner late for dinner time at "Dog in the pot".

During a stool, a man sitting in the ash means 'indecisive'.

A man touching a hen is worried about the amount of eggs and represents a dependence on uncertainty.

"Sucking the same bone all the time" means "He always makes the same story, is not it?"

Cards are falling on the floor. "Depending on a fallen card" is "up to chance".

The proverb that "the world is upside down" is a globe that turned upside down. This means "the reverse of what to do is happening", meaning the reversal of order.

"At least one in the nest has one egg" means "Always have a store".

A man trying to use it on the globe. This is "to neglect all."

The following figure shows a proverb meaning "to lead each other nose", that is, "to make fun of each other".

"I was thrown" isGaius · Julius · CaesarIt is a famous proverb used to be used, which means "You can not retreat later." Also, a man who touches a playing card while adding a purpose is saying that "Baka gets the best card". Luck is to exceed intellect.

"Looking from among the fingers" is to "pretend not to see".

"There is a suspended knife" is "a challenge appears".

A saying that seems to be the Netherlands, "Wooden shoes are standing" stands for "waiting in vain."

"Broom thrust out" means "Enjoy while the master does not exist."

Furthermore, the appearance of a man and woman who kisses over the window where the broom protrudes. This means "to get married under a broom" and "to live together without marrying".

The expression "roof on which tarts are laid" turns out to mean "very rich".

"House with a hole in the roof" means "there is no intelligence".

A proverb says a man with a face wrapped with a bandage is "there is a toothache behind the ear", that is, "sickness".

Men are putting their hands on signs and it is hard to see, but it seems that something is going on. This is "urin to the moon", "waste time with useless effort"

In the middle of the picture, the cutlery is brought close to the face of the man. It means "to deceive people" with "shave a fool of beat without bubbles".

Two faces behind a person trying to keep beards further. "Two fool under the hood" means "Baka likes accompanying".

Furthermore, the appearance that the tree popping out towards the window expresses the proverb "grow up outside the window", which means that this can not be secretly done.

The meaning of the proverb "falling from the bulls to the donkey's back" is "to see hard"

"Kissing a knocker at a door" and "following things"

On the other hand, a man who pushes the butt against the door next door. "Wiping the butt with a door" means "to handle lightly".

Proceed further to the back of the picture. A man who moves a small net behind a big net with fish represents a proverb saying "take a fish behind the net", that "I miss the opportunity."

There are some men who do not understand something, but they seem to be hard. This is the yellow part drawn on the surface of the water is important, "I can not see the sun shine on the surface of the water", that means "I am jealous of others' success".

On top of the river there are two hidden ass. An example of "an obvious thing" with "a secret suspended over a waterway". Moreover, "to excrete from the same hole" means "best friend".

There is something like a fire happening. "Do not worry about fire if someone does not have a bonfire" means "Do not be caught by the actions of others, think of everything as opportunity."

"Fear runs an old woman" and "It uncovers the unexpected event yet to see the character that he does not see yet."

The following picture is a proverb "The horse does not drop the figs". This is drawing a man who is mistaking the horse's hun as a stick, "Do not be fooled by its appearance".

The progeny behind the three people depicted in the distant direction is also a proverb. The proverb "The blind person falls in the groove as long as the blind man leads the blind man" means "guide by an ignorant is meaningless".

Although the following picture does not seem to be showing a saying at first glance, it means that "the journey is not over until you know whether you are a castle or a church", that is, "Do not give up until you complete all your work."

"Anything ends in reaching the sun" and "There is nothing to hide forever"

"Defecation on the gallows base" is a positive meaning "you can not lose any punishment".

A proverb such as a small line drawn next to a man who defecates. "Crows gather where there is a corpse" means "If there is something to get, people come out in a hurry."

This time around the center of the screen. A prover who clings to the devil is a proverb "to confess the devil", the meaning is "to confess to the enemy"

"Piercing the abdomen of a pig", "What you've done once can not be undone"

"A meal with a fox and a stork eat together" The picture shows that "If two fraudsters are present, they are always thinking about their own interests."

A person behind a fox has a meaty one in his feet. It means that constant attention is required to have confidence in "meat placed on brim is always baked".

A boy who takes out fish from inside the net. This is a proverb that "catch a fish without a net" as it is, the meaning was "to profit from the work of others".

This painting says that many classical beauties have depicted many people and farmers in the Renaissance period when it was popularPieter · BrügelBy. Bruegel is also called "farmer's painter"According to one theory"There is a custom to take a sketch of rural landscapes by looking at the scenery from between the crotch and died during that posture." Besides this, the work of Bruegel can be seen from the following page.

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