Japan Weather Association's Android version weather forecast application "Heavy rain radar" that understands the movement of rain clouds in units of 10 minutes

High-resolution short-time precipitation forecast service provided by JMANowcast"Can grasp the local heavy rain in more detail, but a free Android application that can confirm the state of the rain cloud up to 60 minutes in ten minutes with this nowcast is"Heavy rain radar"is. When I suddenly suffered from rain while on the move, it was said that "I should buy an umbrella immediately" or "Do you want to rain with the rain for a while?", So I actually tried using it.

Heavy Rain Radar - Android application on Google Play

First of all, install the application free from Google Play.

Information necessary for using heavy rain radar is only position information.

Tap the icon to launch the application.

Then a map with concentric circles was displayed. The middle circle is 10 km, the second is 20 km, and the outer circle is 30 km. Although the display distance of concentric circles varies depending on the scale of the map, you can grasp the distance to the rain cloud and the moving speed of the rain cloud. Tap "concentric circle" on the bottom left ... ...

It is also possible to see the map with hidden concentric circles.

Also, weather prediction can see the movement of the clouds from 1 hour before the current hour to 1 hour later in 10 minute increments by moving the lower bar. Rain clouds are crossing from the left edge of the map to the right edge as it is 1 hour ago.

About 1 hour later it will take a little rain clouds to the bottom of the map.

By tapping "Legend" you can check the rain cloud color precipitation. It seems that there was local rain of 30 mm - 50 mm near the Izu Islands around 11 o'clock.

When it is difficult to see the clouds on the map, you can display the intensity of rain cloud precipitation in an easy-to-understand manner by tapping "shading".

As it is around 13 o'clock, rain clouds are moving east from Tokyo. "You do not need to worry about an umbrella in the evening".

Landscape display and aerial photograph display are also possible. In addition to the weather forecast, from the list in the upper right of the screenTenki.jpSuch as the earthquakeDisaster prevention informationAndPM 2.5 distribution predictionCan also be confirmed. Then tap the menu button ......

Weather forecast such as world weather and long-term forecast and observation data can be opened. This time we will tap "10 days weather".

Then weather for the future was displayed. It seems to be useful during the weekend schedule.

How to use the web version "Heavy rain radar" available from the browser is summarized in the following article.

"Heavy rain radar" where the movement of rain clouds can be checked every 10 minutes / 250 m unit and the map information is enriched - GIGAZINE

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