What is the way to prioritize what to do with startup?


For the entrepreneur who established startup, the most difficult task is to "decide what to do". It will be successful to smartly tell you how to operate a company you just made and how to manage a few talented people, but the wrong choice will be a fatal injury. How to determine the priority of such startupY CombinatorPartner company "Imagine K12"Founder Jeff Ralston explained.

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According to Mr. Ralston, for example, when implementing new functions in the service,BReadth (width) ","DEpth (depth) ","CUsing ost of building (construction cost) "(B * D) / C"The equation will be a reference to prioritize. B (Width) applies the expected value that the number of existing users and the number of new users will fluctuate with new functions. D (depth) is an estimate of the degree of influence that new functions are given to general users. C (construction cost) is the development cost of new functions, but it can be replaced with the number of development days and time to completion.

By digitizing the idea under consideration and incorporating it into the equation, you can create a simple priority ranking. To create a ranking, it is necessary to align the units of each variable, but it is a reference to what idea to undertake.

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Ralston said, this equation is not a tool that can clearly quantify variables, it is not "to transform everyone into Steve Jobs". By fitting variables while calculating data collected from customers, it is a tool to get a feeling of balance and business sense of their own business.

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