It turns out that 88 to 98% of the number of clicks of the net advertisement is caused by the bot

ByTony Kwintera

In order to clarify who clicks on which advertisement displayed on the web is clicking,Oxford BioChronometricsResearchers Adrian Neil and Thunder Kohenhoven sent an ad click survey on major advertising networks such as Google, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Facebook during the 7th day of January 2015. As a result of this investigation, it became clear that 88 ~ 98% of ad clicks are done by BOTT.


Bot is application software for performing automated tasks on the Internet. Normally, a simple task is assigned to a bot, and by repeatedly executing it many times, it becomes possible to efficiently digest tasks more than humans. Bots are also called "crawlers" and are also used to gather information on web pages and to classify them.

ByAnne Helmond

As a result of investigation by Mr. Adrian Neil and Thunder Kohenhoven, it has been found that there are multiple types of bots that were clicking on Google, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Facebook advertisements. There seems to be six kinds of bots when roughly divided, and they are as follows.

◆ Basic (basic type)
A bot that sends an HTTP GET request only to "designated URL" running on advertising platforms, such as advertising campaigns.

◆ Enhanced (improved type)
It receives an HTTP GET request for a particular advertisement from the ad server and uses AJAX to record the web browser load event. If this is different from the standard load event, it is the Enhanced type bot that is sending the HTTP GET request.

◆ Highly Enhanced (highly refined type)
If client-side code execution does not match known code, bots that use advanced JavaScript processor metrics.

◆ Advanced (evolution type)
Mimics the basic behavior of human beings.

◆ Highly Advanced (highly evolved type)
A bot that imitates a person's behavior leaves the loaded page displayed for a few seconds, uses a mouse or keyboard, scrolls the page up and down. However, it is said that the pseudo randomness like Bot does can be detected by cluster analysis.

◆ Humanoid (human type bot)
A bot that imitates highly human behavior using Bezier curves and B - spline curves.

And the results of the 7-day survey are as follows. Advertisement clicks on each ad network are from 88 to 98% by bots, especially on Google's ad network, 98% are bot clicks. Also, there are no basic types of bots on the Yahoo! and LinkedIn ad networks, for a big point.

There were the most improved bots on the four ad networks we surveyed. Before the survey, Adrian Neill and Mr. Thunder Kohen Hoven are thinking that the basic type of bot will occupy the majority, and I am surprised by the findings.

According to the survey results, online advertisement is overdelivering and in fact there is probably no demand to match the amount currently being paid.

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