Multi-piece furniture that can be carried around like a book and expanded to chairs and tables anywhere "BOOKNITURE"

I arranged the three-dimensional figures clearlyHoneycomb structureIt combines traditional bookbinding techniques and can usually be put in a bag or put in a bookshelf like a book, but if you open the book at 360 degrees you will be transformed into a table or chair that both design and functionality New type of furniture equipped with "BOOKNITURE"is.

BOOKNITURE - Furniture Hidden in a Book by MIKE / PLATEAUS - Kickstarter

You can check the situation that you actually use BOOKNITURE from the following movie.

BOOKNITURE is a type of furniture that can be stored like a book and can be deformed.

When it is arranged on a bookshelf it does not look like furniture at all.

However, the book spreads like an accordion, eventually spreading around 360 degrees so that it transforms into "furniture".

Approaching, it is like this. I arranged the three-dimensional figures clearlyHoneycomb structureAnd I make items by combining traditional bookbinding technology.

I used it as a small table ... ...

Used as a reading spot.

I also transform into a bedside table.

It can also be used as a work desk by stacking two pieces.

Because it is bulky, put it in a bag ... ...

It is quite convenient to take it to a picnic or the like. Besides this, if you put two boards on top of each other, put the board on the bench, stack it further, and book it on the bookshelf, and how to use it.

BOOKNITURE is "Field Brown" ...

"Leather · Black" two kinds.

Having it in your hands like this.

BOOKNITURE is made up of two parts, the main body and the felt top to be placed on top, and when you put the felt top on the field · brown, leather · black, it will look like the following. The color of the felt top is two colors, light gray and dark gray.

The place which hits the cover of the book is embossed, fashionable designally.

It seems that BOOKNITURE is actually made by hand.

BOOKNITURE has been completed as a product, and is currently recruiting capital for mass production. When I set the target amount at 50,000 dollars (about 6 million yen) at the cloud funding platform Kickstarter, I reached the target amount on the 5th after I began recruiting investment, and as of writing the article 150,000 dollars (18 million yen) It is a popular item collecting more funds. If you invest more than $ 70 (about 8300 yen), you can get one BOOKNITURE of the field brown with a light gray felt top, and to get the leather-black BOOKNITURE with the dark gray felt top It is necessary to invest over $ 73 (about 8700 yen). Increasing the investment amount has made it possible to change the number of attached felt tops and the number of main body that can be bought, and the postage is free for the whole world.

When the investment reached 100,000 dollars (about 12 million yen), it was said that the felt top will be expanded in four colors and you can choose the color of your choice, but already 100,000 dollars have gathered, so this is realized You should.

The deadline is Japan time, 23:41 on 18 March 2015. Those who want to get BOOKNITURE at a special price before commercialization can now make contributions from the following web page.

BOOKNITURE - Furniture Hidden in a Book by MIKE / PLATEAUS - Kickstarter

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Folding furniture that transforms into a chair and a desk in a bookstore instantly "BOOKNITURE" - GIGAZINE

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