Samsung smart TV caused ads to be inserted during movie playback


Recording the user's conversation and sending it to the third party through the voice recognition functionButProduct Terms of ServiceThe smart TV made by Samsung Electronics that was discovered from this time, there is a problem that the advertisement is played every 15 to 20 minutes during movie playback.

Samsung TVs start inserting ads into your movies - Tech News and Analysis

In the smart TV made by Samsung, media server application "Plex"People in Australia who were watching movies using" I was interrupted when I played the movie about half way, so that Pepsi's ads began to be played "Post to Reddithad. In response to the user's posting, another user also pointed out that "Pepsi's advertisement will be played without sound in 20 to 30 minutes when watching a movie from Plex on Samsung's smart TV" Occurrence.

ByArturo de Albornoz

Also,"Foxtel Play"An application for smart TVs provided by Australian cable TV suppliers such as" Plex "The same problem occursIt turns out that it is doing. IT related mediaGigaomPlex inquired Plex to confirm the truth, Plex declared "It is not involved at all about the advertisement problem occurring on Samsung smart TV". Also, Foxtel Play responds to user's post saying "This is a problem that should never happen and it is under investigation with top priority."

One day after the perception of the riot this time, Samsung said, "The problem that advertisements are inserted while playing content on smart TV is considered to be caused by some error, and details are currently being investigated. It is only Australia that reported this issue, and I am sorry that you have caused inconvenience caused by this problem. "


According to Samsung 's answer, it is said that the advertisement was inserted due to some kind of error that we had not anticipated this time, so we will hurry to fix the problem.

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