Surprised 1 meter 100,000 yen, cable for ultra high-end audio "RJ / E DIAMOND"

It is a genius of an audio mania (seaga) to ask for a good sound even if even a little good, even an expensive item is spared luxuriously, but I do not even think such a maniac in the midst of it, it seems to say "What?" You also come across products.AudioQuestProduct "AudioQuest RJ / E DIAMOND"Has become a super-class grade audio Ethernet cable that the price per meter will reach 100,000 yen.

To the audiophile, this $ 10,000 Ethernet cable apparently sense sense | Ars Technica

"AudioQuest" which develops high end audio cable etc. was a high-end audio accessory maker founded in the 1980 's. Analog audio cable, speaker cable and video cable, digital cable such as HDMI cable and USB, Ethernet, and high-end DAC (digital · analog · converter) "DragonFlyWe develop and sell accessories such as headphones.


Such AudioQuest lineup of super high class Ethernet cable is "RJ / EDIAMOND". Although the standards themselves are based on ordinary LAN cables, there seems to be products for high-end audio, containing a lot of commitment.

100% of material called PSS (Perfect-Surface Silver) is used for the material of the cable, and the connector which is processed with high accuracy is fixed to the equipment perfectly, so that unnecessary vibrations and resonance are to be shut out It is said that there is.

And one of the big eye-catching features was attached to the middle of the cableDBSA device called. Inside the casing is a built-in battery that functions to increase signal purity while shutting out external influences on the audio signal (digital data) by protecting the internal cable. The direction of connection is specified for all cables.

AudioQuest is sold through distributors in Japan, and you can see the details of cable and DBS mechanism in Japanese site.

Audioquest | Dielectric bias system: DBS

Audioquest official site

In AudioQuest, five kinds of "PEARL", "FOREST", "CINNAMON", "VODKA", "DIAMOND" are line up on the high-end Ethernet cable for audio. Price lists are posted on the home country's American site, but I will be conspicuously curious about its contents.

(PDF file)AQ_Ethernet_NPA_Retail - AQ_Ethernet_NPA_Retail.pdf

The price of "AudioQuest RJ / E DIAMOND" in the US is a tremendous amount of 0.75 meters and is $ 695 (about 84,000 yen). If it is 1.5 meters it is 1195 dollars (about 140,000 yen), 5 meters it is $ 3495 dollars (about 420,000 yen), and the longest 12 meter model has a price of 7,995 dollars (about 960,000 yen).

In terms of unit price per meter, this is approximately110,000 yen to 80,000 yenOn a general scale of what is ultra-high price. As I thought, "Would it be possible to sell such a cable ...?" In the online shop of Yodobashi Camera, you can see how expensive cables far exceeding this are being laid across the board. Again AudioQuest is a frequently appearing manufacturer. - Audio cable | Official mail order site of Yodobashi camera 【All goods free delivery】
Audio cable · price (high) order

Of course, the world of audio is highly tasteful and its scale is people. Because there are people who appreciate the value, it is possible to sell goods, so you can see that there are worlds that people understand about that means separately. The article reviewing "AudioQuest RJ / E DIAMOND" can be read from the following link.

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