Figures like the 18-year-olds who refuse to "adult zone" look like this

Wonder FestivalThere is an adult zone which requires confirmation of the identification card separately from the general zone which everyone puts in. Such as naked or semi-naked figure18 No adult itemsAlthough even one point is included in the adult zone, what kind of works are lined up? So I tried to summarize the works of adult zone.

8-06-02 "Orca toys"Moving writer original" Sleeping Beauty "has not been decided on the monthly start of order.

Next, "Yokohama Sirene (temporary)". The prototype is M, Obstetrics and Gynecology. Details are undecided.

8-08-04 "BangaloreThere is a box sliding on the desk of.

What is inside is beast warrior shrine maiden 1/7 cast off figure. It is 16,000 yen.

There was also a stuffed toy that was fellaround.

8-09-02 "Half-eye studio"Jomon expression figure, earthenware daughter.

1/7 resin kit · total height 27 cm (including pedestal) · 52 pcs with pedestal, if it is unpigmented version it is high pottery.

This is colored.

Behind the earthenware daughter Saki there was Jomon expression figure · earthenware girl. This is 1/7 resin kit · 24 cm high front · 27 parts with base. Wonder Festival 2008 was announced in the summer.

8-09-01 "Q-SixOn the desk of "One's"Boxes are lined up.

Sawai Natsuki is a reference exhibit.

"LOVERS ~ When falling in love ... ~"Rie Kawai is also a reference exhibit.

8-05 - 06 "Quesaran Pasaran" cast made · blue girls.

It is said that it is the twelfth stage of the youkai garage kit · shaking series.

Painting is also unique.

The price is 13,000 yen.

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