The full size "prohibited setback" sign object appeared in One Fest 2015 [winter] venue

It is made of parts that are actually used for road signs, "nearly authentic" "banned forbiddance" sign objectWonder Festival 2015 [Winter]We went to the venue. I made 8-24-12 "Kogyoi Studio".

Kinki factory / no setbacks

Kinki studio is a circle selling various neta goods and selling it, comic market has sent anime / manga series neta, but in one festas, we have goods other than animation and cartoon series. Every time, booths are marked with a sign of "banned" in such way, but ...

This time I was selling the "obstructive prohibition" sign object, which is the same size as a real road sign, almost the same as a real road sign. The standard set is 15,000 yen, the option auxiliary sign "Except Sundays and Public Holidays", "All day", "The whole room" is 3500 yen each.

The expression "almost real" is because the reflection sheet being used is for a construction site signboard (one outdoor weather year 5 years) which is one rank lower than the road sign (10 years outdoor weather year) about. The base is the road sign itself. However, because it is so, it will be nearly unobtainable at home centers with a shaft of 60 cm in diameter, so if you purchase the recommended pillars and pole stands it will cost around 13,000 to 15,000 yen separately is.

Furthermore, it is an item for indoor and outdoor private land to the last. Be careful as it will be asked for violation of the Road Traffic Law if it is installed around the road which can be seen from the running car.

According to the Kogyo studio, Prohibition of defeat is "It is a thing that urges people to bounce over quickly," prohibiting "a state of constantly worrying about being frustrated", so it may be perfect to keep in the room ......

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