"Mizuki Munezuno" is deformed from Takenora Ranbu, Nendoroids appear and a hasty appearance

One festival 2015 [winter]At the nitroplus booth "Touken Ranbu - ONLINE -"Mikazuki Muneka" appearing at once, it was exhibited.

Wonder Festival 2015 [Winter] Nitroplus Exhibition Information

This is the nitroplus booth. Touken sword dance was hanging a mysterious black curtain.

I started shooting so I will try to approach it

Discover Mikazuki Muneka (Mikazuki Munekichi)

Looks like this

Release timing undecided · Price undecided, prototype production is Sasaki field, production collaboration is familiar every time "Nendoroid"

In addition, Kozo Maru and Kingshiko Kagetsu are going to be Nendoroid

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