The top artist of the Grammy Awards 5 crown prize "Daft Punk" has become a real figure

World musicians such as Michael Jackson and AC / DC may be figurized, and "Daft Punk" won in five divisions such as "Best Record" "Best Album" at the 56th Grammy Awards in 2014 Also achieve the ranks of musician figures. The daft · punk figure was held at Makuhari on February 8, 2015Wonder Festival 2015 WinterI was going to see it because it was exhibited.

RAH DAFT PUNK (Random Access Memories Ver.)

Daft punk who played the role of musician figures.

Gimme Manuel de Omen - Crist wearing a golden mask is wearing the costumes of the work "Random Access Memories" shining on the 5 most crowned Grammy awards.

The injection parts are completely reproduced by plating processing. The glittering jacket is gorgeous.

It is Toma Bangalter wearing a silver mask.

Looking up, you can tell the commitment to reproduce up to the necklace. Even if you are not a fan it is surprising that costume making is included.

Both are mobile RAH (Real Action Heroes) so you can take your favorite pose. In addition, RAH DAFT PUNK is scheduled to be released in March 2015, each excluding tax of 10,800 yen.

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