A comfortable mini hammock dedicated to resting legs under the desk "The Foot Hammock"

Looking for the most comfortable position and trying to cross legs and trying to extend it is a matter of desk work for a long time or working at a desk. It seems to solve such a problem, a mini hammock dedicated to resting legs under the desk "The Foot Hammock"is.

The Foot Hammock by Matt - Kickstarter

What kind of productization of The Foot Hammock can be confirmed from the following movie.

Even if you stretch your back straight and head towards your desk, it is common for your feet to feel uncomfortable.

Use another chair to calm your feet in the most comfortable position ......

We devise a printer by putting it on the foot, but it does not solve the problem fundamentally.

It is a foot special hammock "The Foot Hammock" that seems to solve these problems in a stroke. The Foot Hammock can be installed on the back of the desk and can be used as many times as it is removed. Also, it is also possible to adjust the height with the string connecting The Foot Hammock and the desk.

The advantage of The Foot Hammock is that it fits freely to various posture of the foot. I stretched out my legs ......

It can flexibly correspond to the position such as organizing.

There are 3 kinds of The Foot Hammock in all, this is a mesh type one.

Mesh type is even for shoes ......

It can be used with bare feet. Since it seems that it will not be much to go to the desk with the sole foot in Japan, it seems that there will be more use with bare feet.

This is a fleece type The Foot Hammock. The fleece type is very comfortable to touch and for bare feet if rather speaking.

Another type is a heater mounted type that warms up when the power is turned on. It is recommended for cold people.

"The Foot Hammock" has already reached the target price of 15,000 dollars (about 17,000 yen) while Kickstarter is looking for investment and it is nearly certain to commercialize it. You can get a mesh version with 20 dollars (about 2300 yen) investment, a fleece version with a capital of 30 dollars (about 3400 yen), and a hedge loaded fleece version with a capital of $ 40 (about 4600 yen). It also supports shipping to Japan, but the shipping fee was not specified. The deadline is 13:00 on February 9, 2015.

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