What is the psychology that confuses teams sports fans support with themselves?

Sports fans sometimes refer to the teams that they support as "we", "we", "ours", "we". Mr. Eric Simmons reveals the reasons why the fans do so without separating themselves from the team and from the knowledge gained through various research results and interviews about expressing them confusingly.

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On January 19, 2015,American Football ConferenceNew England Patriots v. Indianapolis Colts was held as a battle of the AFC championship game which is the championship championship of AFC. The game won the 45th and 7th with the Patriots, but "Patriots used balls less than the air pressure of the league regulations" as in the United StatesBig topicIt has become.

It was discovered that accidental coincidence occurred by chance that the ball of air pressure less than regulation was used. Colts was defeated by a large gap in this game, but I will serve as a line backer at that ColtsDukwell JacksonThe players successfully intercepted the opponent's path during the same game.

To celebrate this, Jackson thought that he would take the ball home, he said he took the ball that intercepted the staff of the team. The staff who received this ball admonished Ryan Grigson who is a team coach who felt a sense of incompatibility when touching the ball, "The air pressure of the ball is low". Mr. Grigson talked to Mike Kencil, director of NFL, about the air pressure of the ball and as a result of the investigation Mr. Kencil announced that the air pressure of the ball was low during the game's half time. It was also revealed that NFL will start investigating after the game.

NFL JAPAN.COM | Ball use deficient in air pressure at the Patriots? NFL to investigate

The reason why the balls less than the regulations of the league was used is said to be easier for the balls with low air pressure to receive the pass in case of bad weather such as "low temperature". It is believed that the Patriots deliberately lowered the air pressure of the ball aiming at this. The reason why the case is called "DeflateGate" is that this is called "Deflate" and "Watergate"It is because it is a coined word combined.

However, these big scandals may be quickly forgotten in the sports world.

ByParker Anderson

Six months ago, Ray Rice, who was at the time Baltimore Ravens' running back, released an image of assaulting fiancées,Rice fired the teamIt was done. However, from American football fans, many opinions advocating Rice players, "Head trauma must be tolerated by American football players."

This situation is not only seen in the footsteps of the American football. In 2014 Brazil World Cup against the Netherlands versus Mexico, Arjen Robben, the star of the Netherlands national team, deliberately crashed and reckoned the referee as he thought he had fallen foul. These acts are highly disliked by football fans, but the Dutch football fans are defending the actions of Robben players. Just like this, even in other sports, players are often defended even if they play dirty.

A scene that Robben knocked down intentionally. Later, for Robben players deceiving the refereeapologyI am arguing that Faal actually existed.

As described above, the existence of fans defending players' bad behavior can be seen in any sports, but the investigation of the psychology of such sports fans was "The Secret Lives of Sports Fans: The Science of Sports ObsessionEric Simmons, author of He talks about the team that the enthusiastic sports fans support with the word "us", "This allows the brain to judge what is" yourself "and what is the" team " It is evidence that it is gone. "

Amazon.com: The Secret Lives of Sports Fans: The Science of Sports Obsession (9781468308778): Eric Simons: Books

Simmons explains that the fans project their feelings and actions to the team unconsciously and the victory of the team and the image of the team are supporting the fans' self-esteem. In addition, sports fans seem to be fostered identity and belonging consciousness, besides self-esteem from their own loving team, but at the same time excessive for fellow groupsCognitive biasIt seems to form. And when we recognize the sports team as "themselves", "we" or "we", that is to say that the brains themselves recognize themselves as part of the sports team, the cognitive bias also spans the entire team It is said that.

A famous study on cognitive bias is famous for surveys conducted in American football games by Dartmouth and Princeton in 1951. Many rough plays fluttered in this game, but when I asked the fans who watched the game questions such as "Which team started rough play?" "Play was fair?", The answer was perfect It seems that it has become an advocate of the team that each supports.

If teams are criticized for cheating in this way, team fans instinctively try to defend the team. That's why, enthusiastic fans try to divert the topic of "DeflateGate" from self-defense instinct, Mr. Simmons says.

ByChris elward

According to psychologist Arthur Aaron's research on interpersonal relationships conducted over several decades, the brain's reaction when sports fans saw their favorite team or player was their own spouse It is also clear that it resembles very similar to the reaction when looking at the pictures.

In rephrasing these research results, Mr. Simmons commented, "Sports does not matter orderly elements at all." Because sports do not place emphasis on orderly elements, sports fans try to protect their loved teams and players from outside attacks. So, Simmons says that the act of seeking a more detailed basis for the assertion of injuring himself is very reasonable.

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