Windows 10 turned out to be shipped with two types of browsers, "Spartan" and "IE"

For Windows 10 scheduled to be released in 2015, the code name "SpartanAlthough it was already known that a new browser called "browser" will be installed, Microsoft will take over from the conventional flow in addition to thisInternet Explorer(IE) "life-prolonging" to be installed in Windows 10, and it is studying to offer it by two browsers of "Spartan" and "IE".

Project Spartan and the Windows 10 January Preview Build - IEBlog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

Microsoft reveals Windows 10 will ship with two browsers | The Verge

This is a blog posted by Jason Weber, program manager of the IE group at Microsoft. At the company, "Custom ActiveX" which is still the conventional technology and "Browser Helper Object"We are aware of the existence of a website that continues to use legacy (old generation) technology such as" It is clear that we are considering providing IE running on Windows 10 for such users .

The same dual rendering engine as Spartan is supposed to be used for the IE to be provided, and it is being studied to ensure that the latest web standard can be utilized even under the IE environment.

Note that this measure is implemented as a part of "legacy support" and it is still unknown how it will be provided in actual Windows 10 release. The Verge expects that it will be restricted to some enterprise versions as it was displayed as "Windows 10 Enterprise Technical Preview with Internet Explorer" in the video released at the presentation venue.

Although this measure is thought to have little influence on the general user level, the influence on some web developers is described as follows. Further details will continueblogIt seems that it will be announced at, so it seems better for people with relevance to pay attention.

1.Our new rendering engine will be the default engine for Windows 10, Spartan, and Internet Explorer. This engine has interoperability at its core and consumes the same markup you send other modern browsers. Our standards support and roadmap can be found at

2. Internet Explorer behaviors including modern standards, and legacy Internet Explorer behaviors including document modes are not supported in the new engine. Internet Explorer behaviors we encourage you to update to modern standards.

3.Our goal is interoperability with the modern web and we need your help! You can test the new engine via the Windows Insider Program or using Please let us know (via Connect or Twitter) when you find interoperability problems so we can work with the W3C and other browser manufacturers to ensure great interoperability.

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