I actually compare and drink using Whiskey Elements which aged whiskey for 3 years in 24 hours

Taste differs depending on the number of years, such as "12 years" and "30 years" even with the same brand name of whiskey. By putting it in a whiskey keg and preserving it, ingredients of wood and "aging" due to oxidation from the air will proceed. Originally colorless transparent "New pot"The freshly made whiskey is said to change to an amber color and to increase the complex taste, but such a whiskey can be matured for 3 years in only 24 hours"Whiskey Elements". Since the product which was commercialized by Kickstarter arrived at the editorial department, I actually tried it in whiskey and tried what kind of change will occur.

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"Whiskey Elements" arrived. This time we invested 78 dollars (about 9200 yen), so 6 Whiskey Elements' signatures', 6 'scotch', 2 prototypes of 'Whiskey Elements'' Spice ',' 2 smokes', 'wine Cask "2 sets of all 5 kinds arrived.

There is "Drop (put stick)" → "Wait (wait 24 hours)" → "Drink (drink)" in the instruction, it is very simple.

Opened the peripelli and wrapping paper from "signature".

There were two palm sized wood sticks made from barrel wood. There is a smoky smell like smoked smell, and the stick has several incisions that make it easy to advance whiskey's aging.

This is "Scotch", how to enter the incision is different. A strong strong scent different from signature.

"Smoked" smells the most smoky. Since all prototypes are the same shape as signatures, care must be taken not to mix them.

"Spice" is as its name suggests, it smells fragrant.

"Wine cask" is a sweet and elegant fragrance stick, each feels a completely different scent.

So, in order to ascertain the difference of all five types, I bought "Black Nikka Clear" because it is a low price whiskey with a clear and tasteless taste.

Pakutsu opened.

I will insert a signature stick. The quantity is one for 750 ml, two for 1.8 liter. Black Nikka Clear is 700 ml per bottle, so we will continue to introduce it one by one.

This is a stick of Scotch. It is my first experience to throw solids in whiskey, so it's kind of strange.

Most of the stick sinks in the whiskey, but there were sticks with high buoyancy in it.

When all is finished, adjust the timer in 24 hours and wait for aging. Is it really tasty for just three years ... .... I put a name on each bottle so that I do not mistake it.

According to Time and Oak, which manufactures Whiskey Elements, it is said that it will not change even if sticks are attached for more than 24 hours, but I will try tasting in 24 hours.

When you look side by side with whiskey after maturation, the color changes respectively.

As I thought "whether light is moderate?", When rearranging the order of the colors from left to right, the difference is clear. Signature and wine casks are darker in color, and in contrast, Scotch is lighter in color.

I put black Nikka clear (left) and signature (right) side where I put nothing. Obviously the color is darker.

Scotch is a color thinning, and it is interesting that it can be understood by eye that "something really changed"!

First we will pour the main signature "signature" into the glass. It is obviously different from the original Black Nikka Clear, and it is unlikely that it is the same whiskey. When drinking, unlike Black Nikka Clear without a habit, it has become a strong taste like Bourbon. I did not think there was such a dramatic change, but rather than saying "aged for 3 years" rather than saying "I became a different whiskey", compatibility is good if you put it in a bourbon of ornate flavor I wonder.

Then "Scotch". When I tried drinking it smelled fragrant smell softly, I felt that the flavor of the whiskey itself was also increasing. However, there was a difference between the scent before drinking and the scent after drinking, and I got the impression that it is "not familiar".

"Spice" transformed into spicy whiskey as its name. Both fragrance and taste, the spice whiskey tasted close to Scotch whiskey, I felt that it systematically resembled "Johnny Walker". Surely there may be a sense that "aged for 3 years".

"Smoke" was the most fragrant in the state of a stick, but its presence is also reflected in whiskey, and it is finished in a strong aroma like scent of whiskey. When I drank it, the scent is familiar to the taste, but I felt a bit pungent in the aftertaste.

Black Nikka Clear with a sweet scented "Wine Cask" was a scented whiskey like a brandy. However, it is not felt that the taste is very changed, it is like an addition of perfume rather than mature.

Several editorial staff who drink alcohol usually also tasted the difference of each. You can get the opinion that "scent and taste is clearly changing" from everyone, and certainly using Whiskey Elements will surely get some sort of effect. It was Scotch that the evaluation was high, but it was a result that the evaluation was considerably divided by the person.

Whiskey Elements, a novel idea of ​​having whiskey barrels wood baked in an oven and aging it in a whiskey, actually causes a chemical change, such as removing ingredients that cause hangover contained in whiskey in 24 hours It is said that. Because the scent becomes another thing, it is courageous to put it in whiskey of a period object such as thirty years, but since every stick has a drastic change, if you like alcohol you will want to try it once more interesting It has become a product.

In addition, Whiskey Elements is selling three kinds of sticks on the following page, prices are "12 signatures" (about 1400 yen) with 2 "signatures", 14 dollars "2 smokes" and "wine casks" 1600 yen). Shipping to Japan requires a separate $ 9.75 (about 1100 yen).

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