SF movie "WANDERERS" that can get drunk on the tremendous scale of the universe

Although human beings live on the earth floating in space, such earths are only a small "tsubu" compared with the scale of the universe ...... It is the image made by Mr. Eric Walkut of the digital artist the work"WANDERERS(Wanderers) ".

Wanderers - a short film by Erik Wernquist on Vimeo

Mr. Wagnerist who produced this image is a digital artist / animator living in Sweden. American astronomer / science fiction writer,Karl SaganMr.'s book "To the planet(Original title: Pale Blue Dot: A Vision of the Human Future in Space) "I heard that he decided to work on this work.

The scenes appearing in this volume seems to have been created based on the actual landscape and data of the Earth, but everything is just what makes the scale feel. For example, the following scenes are based on the picture of the Pacific Ocean taken from the International Space Station.

The spaceship hatch opens and the figure of Jupiter comes jumping into the eyes. Scale feeling from the size of astronauts floating in space.

Saturn's satelliteEnceladusSpace station floating in

Astronaut drifting on Saturn's ring

The thing that slid down a rod-shaped pillar ... ...

"Space elevator" built on Mars

It seems that human beings have already arrived on Mars, life has begun. This scene is the unmanned spacecraft "Mars sent to Mars"Mars Exploration RoverActually photographedThis photoIt is said that it is drawn based on.

The sun setting on the horizon of Mars. Because "dust" contained in the atmosphere absorbs red light, the sunset of Mars seems to be dyed blue in the sky.

Jupiter's satelliteEuropaThe human being walking and the figure of Jupiter enough to fill the sky.

Uranus satelliteMirandaI challenge "the highest base jump in the solar system". On the Miranda's surface is engraved a canyon ranging in height from 5 to 20 km which is thought to have been made by the influence of crustal deformation and gravity. Even if you jump off the cliff like this because the gravity is weak, it took about 12 minutes to reach the bottom.

Saturn's ring floating in the sky

The figure of a woman watching the ring. Will the day when mankind actually see such a sight come?

"We want each person who saw the image to feel the story freely," Wagnerist said. It was a video work that seemed very comfortable when enjoying the picture while being enveloped in music with the largest possible screen.

In the gallery that gathered images of each scene on Mr. Wagnerist's website below, it is also possible to see a large image of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

WANDERERS - Short Film

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