"Lazani shop" where roasted cheese and plenty meat sauce can eat exquisite authentic lasagna

"Lasagna" which is a flat plate-shaped pasta, sauce and cheese, is a different pasta from elongated spaghetti and tubular penne, which is one of the dishes eaten all over the world. There is "Lazani shop"I was going to eat it actually because I can eat a full-fledged lasagna using a pasta machine that there is only one in Japan.

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I arrived at "Lazani shop" in Koenji.

There are three types of lasagna in the shop front showcase.

When I visited, it was a break between lunch and dinner so I ordered "lasagna" with takeout. When ordering it will take out the lasagne from the showcase and cut it.

The inside of the shop was small in size, only the counter and table seats. Eat-in is possible from 12 o'clock to 15 o'clock on weekdays and from 18 o'clock to 22 o'clock in the evening. It is said that you take your takeout all day.

Ladies' takeaway was in a paper container and it warmed up at the shop when I told "I will eat it at once". If you do not eat immediately, you can oven by heating in a microwave for 4 to 5 minutes.

When opening with Pakari, you will see Lasagna about 2 larger than iPhone 6 Plus.

Meat sauce and burnt cheese intensify appetite.

Plenty of meat sauce.

There is a slight sense of resistance when you put the spoon to the bottom of the container, the thickness of pasta is transmitted through the hand.

A meat sauce that overflows from among pastries that are piled up many times.

When you eat a bite, the meat sauce and white sauce that is rich in the pasta with a solid texture intertwine with white sauce. Cheese is tappuri, but it is not a strong taste but a feeling to complement the sauce.

6 pieces of pasta are used, the volume is just right.

You can not eat it with plenty of sauces. Rather, the level you want to finish by adding extra sauce to the bread.

In Lazani shop besides lazania you can also eat creative lasagna such as duck and sweet potato lasagna and pumpkin lasagna. Lasagna is 800 yen including tax. Even if you taste and quantity, the satisfaction level is quite high.

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