Bomberman style online game "Game of Bombs" in which a large number of users survive using bombs

A simple and somewhat nostalgic Bomberman-style online game where multiple users make use of bombs to defeat enemy users and compete for that number of defeats is "Game of Bombs"is. The map is vast and it can rise back to the battlefield no matter how many times it dies, and it is said that it will be possible to bomberman at the same time as the number of people unthinkable in the Nintendo era, so I actually played it.

Game of Bombs

When playing games, you need to create an account, please enter user name, e-mail address and password from the top and click "Register".

If you click "Play as Guest", you can also play the game without creating an account, but in that case you will not be able to record the items you gathered and your battle results, so be careful.

The tutorial starts when you play for the first time.

The yellow character in the red frame part is the character operated by the user, and movement is done with the arrow key of keyboard or the key of WASD. That's why I moved to the place where the red flag stands first.

"Game of Bombs" is a game that uses bombs to defeat other users and enemy characters, you can place the bombs with the space key.

Because the directive "Please put the bom on the flag to destroy the block" ... ...

Arrange Bom and move to a position not touching Bom's explosion. When Bomb explodes, the blast stretches up, down, left and right from the position where the bom is placed, and the character dies when hitting it. Therefore, it is necessary to devise such that it does not hit the blast by moving diagonally or by making blocks and walls as walls. The basic rule around here is totally with Bomberman.

If you destroy a block with bombs, items like something you see will appear, so as you get these, the number of bombs that can be placed increases and the blast of Bomb will expand to a wider range.

With this condition put the bomb on the flag and collect items.

The items you get will be recorded in the upper left red frame of the screen. For example, if Bom is displayed as "3", the number of bombs that can be placed at the same time is three, and if the fireball is "2" it means that the blast of Bomb is two squares.

That's why a new mission will be charged once item collection is over. Game of Bombs has a robust block, but it is the next mission to destroy it.

The red frame is a solid block. Unlike the gray block which became a normal brick group it is a dark gray block with cracks, a rugged block that can be destroyed.

I tried to destroy it with bomb but it failed.

Once we placed Bom again it succeeded in destroying. A robust block can be destroyed by bombing it several times with Bomb.

Next we will get the treasure box at the back of the closed gate.

First of all, destroy the surrounding blocks and get the item with the bat drawn.

Once you get the bat, you will be able to throw a bom and place a bom at a place where the character can not enter.

When throwing a bom, keep the space key while keeping the direction you want to throw, and release the space key when the trajectory when throwing a bom in the direction of the character's progress is displayed.

Then, like this, bombs are thrown in a space that can not be invaded.

Since I was able to throw a bom and press a switch, I got a treasure box available.

I will destroy the treasure box with a bomb and take out the contents.

The green item that came out from inside is "plutonium", which is like money that can be used in the game. In order to obtain this it is necessary to move the character up and stop for a certain period of time. It is also possible to change the appearance of the character by collecting plutonium ... ...

South Park style avatar

Popular overseas "My Little PonyWindful colorful horse

Popular characters of Nintendo and poisonous Bomberman etc.

Characters of various animation such as Sailor Moon, heroine of Disney movies, ... ....

It becomes possible to transform into turtles such as kawabanga which are also made into a live-action movie.

And in the end was the mission of riding on the blue tile was imposed. Since there is a locked gate around the blue tile, you first need to get the key to open the gate.

And from here on, an enemy character written "BOT" appeared. I will aim the gate while paying attention so as not to die as I will place a bomb and get in the way.

Continuing fighting with BOT ......

Defeat the BOT! Since the character does not die even when BOT and the character are in contact, if you aim to destroy by putting a bom anyway OK.

I finally destroyed the block and discovered the key. Since BOT will appear if you destroy it for a while, it seems good to leave anything except in a way to get in the way.

After getting the key, move to the side of the locked gate. Then the blue meter will be displayed under the character and you can unlock the gate when this gathers.

After unlocking the gate, the tutorial is over if you get on the blue tile.

After the tutorial is over, you will be able to select the battle mode (room). "Hardcore" is a survival fighting players, "Normal" is a mode in which players collaborate to defeat an enemy monster, "Tutorial" is a tutorial as its name suggests.

In addition, you can change server and room to play games at any time from "Server" or "Room" in the upper left of the screen.

That's why when you select the server and room to play the game, this is the screen, so the game will start at any time by pressing the space key. If the character dies while playing this screen will be displayed, so you can retry immediately by pressing space key.

In this screen, you can check your match results from "Stats" ...

Purchasing items with "Perks" ...

You can build a team with "Squads".

That's why I started the game quickly. The map is fairly wide, and often I do not know where the character is at play start.

If you do not see any other players at all, you may find a battlefield where there are many people if you change the server or room. .

That's why I played Hardcore of Game of Bombs quickly, but I was knocked down by haste.

I tried "Game of Bombs" - YouTube

In addition, "? Items" which do not know what happens in the game will also appear, and in some cases the characters used may become Nyan Cat, so be careful.

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