Microsoft is developing a lamp to auto detect and charge the smartphone on the desk


It became clear that Microsoft is developing a smart lamp that detects smartphones and can charge automatically by illuminating the solar panel of the terminal directly with light. A prototype has already been created and development is a related research institution of MicrosoftMicrosoft ResearchIt seems to be going.

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Microsoft designs a lamp that could charge your smartphone | ZDNet

The name of the smart lamp system under development by Microsoft is "AutoCharge". AutoCharge has a built-in camera in addition to the light, this camera detects the surrounding smartphone and illuminates the light. According to research results on AutoCharge published by Microsoft Research, "charging on a desk, charging a smartphone placed on a desk" "attached to the ceiling, charging an indoor smartphone" "attached to a box, Charging smartphones put in a box "is thought of several ways to use.

In the prototype of AutoCharge, solar panels attached to smartphones are equipped with LED lights, so that when the terminal needs to be charged the LEDs will shine. When the camera of AutoCharge detects this light, the terminal is irradiated with light for charging. In the case of the prototype, it took up to 3 seconds to detect the light of the LED light with the camera.

The prototype machine looks like this.

Most existing smartphones do not have solar panels. But Macrosoft Research says that by affixing a transparent film type solar panel like "Wysips" on the display or on the back of the terminal, various terminals can support AutoCharge type charging.

In order to accurately illuminate smartphones placed in various places in the room, AutoCharge will be equipped with multiple cameras. The user may get in the way when the lamp glows automatically and charge the smartphone anytime and anywhere, but AutoCharge does not look like the eyes of people by irradiating infrared raysinvisible RayIt is also possible to charge the terminal with. Furthermore, when the camera detects a moving object it can shut down irradiation in 50 msec, so it can be used with confidence.

It seems that AutoCharge is detecting objects closer to smartphones out of multiple objects.

In the prototype of AutoChargeUltraFireThe light made from the light was used as a light source. Microsoft Research wrote that lights used indoors have no safety concerns. "These lights are safer than sunlight, because the light's light does not heat more than sunlight, and most of the energy of light is converted to electricity by solar cells, so little heat is generated From and to ". The "UV illuminance" of the hand light used for AutoCharge is about 110 mW / cm ^ 2, which seems to be slightly stronger than the irradiance of the spectral distribution AM 1.5.

In addition, Microsoft Research says that what is important in AutoCharge is that it will automatically lead to the charging of smartphones without special actions, with the common practice of "placing smartphones on the desk" .

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