"Glowing skirt" in which the absolute area under the skirt is mysteriously illuminated

"From light, inside of the skirt, light up the absolute area, emphasize its mysterious space, make it leap to the sky area," so that the creatorsAmano KiyoyukiThe wearable device developed by "Glowing skirt"is.

Absolute area expansion plan "glowing skirt"

This is a glowing skirt. Under absolute area expansion plan, under the mini skirt, the light is pointing to the "absolute area" which is the upper part of the thighs.

When you change the angle, the condition of light changes and a pale thigh emerges.

Looking back is like this. The colors of lights, such as blue, orange, yellow, pink, etc, seem to change.

Angle from below.

Absolute area that shines in orange.

When you sit, the ground color changes.

A fantastic atmosphere.

It can not be helped the eyes wear in the skirt.

The appearance when actually wearing "glowing skirt" is also uploaded in the movie. At the stage that it was released in 2014, it seems that the device was attached inside the skirt of Hatsune Miku and was illuminating the absolute area.

We made wearable device · cosplay "glowing skirt". - YouTube

We made wearable device · cosplay "glowing skirt". - YouTube

It turns around and it does not shine so much behind the back ... ...

Blue light on the front and side of the back side of the skirt is lit.

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