I tried a method to take screen capture without making sound on the iPhone

When you want to record the iPhone screen as an image[Power Button] + [Home Button]Screen capture that you can shoot with is convenient, but the sound always sounds on the iPhone that is sold in Japan. This sound is exactly the same as the shutter sound when shooting with the camera, so sometimes I get caught in public places, but "Have fun iPhone life! SBAPPBy using the method introduced in "I was able to capture the screen without sounding.

【IOS8】 How to silence shooting sound of iPhone screenshot | Fun iPhone Life! SBAPP

In the editorial department, I actually decided to take a capture. In the following movie, you can see how silent capture was successful on iPhone 6 Plus.

How to take screen capture without making sound on iPhone - YouTube

I will try capture shooting with no sound, which is impossible in normal usage.

First, start the application you want to capture.

Try taking a capture in this state ......

Naturally the sound rang.

Even in silent mode ......

The sound will sound similarly.

Important steps from here. First, press the Home button to return to the Home screen.

Launch the "Music" application installed as a standard.

Manipulate the volume on the application screen and set the volume to zero.

In that state, press the Home button twice to display the multitasking screen.

Tap the screen to display the application you want to capture.

Just as before, when you capture with [Power] + [Home button] ......

Succeeded to capture without silence.

Note that this effect lasts only once. From the second time onwards, the sound rang as usual.

With this method, it seems that you can capture without paying attention to nearby people.

According to the description of "Fun iPhone Life!", This phenomenon occurs as it seems necessary to be a terminal that meets certain criteria, which means that the following terminals are confirmed.

IOS and terminal which confirmed reproduction
IOS 8.1.2
· IPhone 5
· IPhone 5s
· IPhone 6 Plus
· IPhone 6

IOS and terminal which could not be reproduced
IOS 8.0.2
· IPhone 5

If you remember this method, for example, if you make a shutter sound like in a train, it seems that you can perform capture with confidence in places that can lead to confusing situations.

Please note that this operation may be caused as a minor bug only, so you may not be able to use it in future version upgrades.

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