Building a three-storey mansion and a five-story apartment with a 3D printer

A three-storey mansion with its foundations, walls and roofs outputted by a 3D printer and a practical 5-storey apartment were built. 3D printers alreadyOutput clothes based on applied kinematicsAnd outputting foodsReplaced with existing mealsBecause there is possibility, if this technology becomes general, all of clothing, food and dwelling will be covered by 3D printer.

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In China, 3D-printed mansions and apartment blocks are now a reality

This is a mansion house with an area of ​​1100 square meters. A gorgeous ambiance like a 3D print looking from afar.

As you approach, you can see the concrete of the wall a little.

Inside is like this.

Each room is an inorganic matter like a concrete hit.

And the brown 5 - story apartment with orangeish feeling is as follows.

It was built in Suzhou City, WinSun, in China. Like the ordinary 3D print product, the building seems to have been made with foundations and parts overlapping filaments many times.

In the past, WinSun has created 10 single-storey houses in just one day.

Video: Giant Chinese 3D printer builds 10 houses in just 1 day - YouTube

This is that house.

Desks, chairs, shelves and so on are located like offices.

The light is hanging with a swing, this is also quite inorganic.

This building ......

Slightly modern.

State of the pillar.

It is this that the building is actually done. A huge 3D printer is outputting the house.

Although the structure of corrugated cardboard which sticks corrugated shaped core between paper and paper gains strength, WinSun's house walls have a similar structure.

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