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The offices of overseas and foreign companies are different from the typical office in Japan, they are rich in design and incorporate space devised to improve productivity, even if they are looking at it, creative sense It is stimulated. You can see images of famous companies' offices at onceOffice SnapshotsSo, I tried picking up a famous company that anyone knows from a large number of images.

Office Snapshots - i know where you work

Google Dublin

Google in Dublin is the office that oversees Europe. On the first floor there is a large object decorated with Google's logo and it is colorful that I can not believe it as an office.

There is also a stylish floor like a model room of a high-class apartment.

The room where the meeting is based is green design.

Google in Dublin is a resident architectHenry J LyonsThe thing that Mr. handled.

The concept of the office is "Sustainability"That is a design that makes use of harmony with nature by matched with foliage plants.

It seems that it is not that the employees are live ......

The office uses open spaces extensively and features spacious space.

Things I would like to try relaxing in this space.

The cafe seems to be a stylish restaurant.

Employees who are meeting while relaxing.

The space to work is also colorful.

There is a classic space in the modern office has become a little accent.

Google Tel Aviv Office

Google's office seating area in Tel Aviv, Israel. It seems to be used for light meetings and work.

What is drawn on the wall is the game "Space Invader"

Lighting in the ceiling of the meeting area removes the stiff atmosphere of the office.

Google Kuala Lumpur office

The chair hanging from the ceiling is arranged in the cafe. The point plants decorated at the window is also a point.

Photographs that make space to the forest are printed on the wall.

The lighting that directs the space is also stylish.

There is chess on the ceiling of the rest area .... Retro game machines are also put.

Google London office

Google's London office adopts a floral wall and is cute.

A break room where a circular ultra-giant sofa is placed.

Flower pattern also on the wall of the formal meeting room.

A wall like a lot of thick tubes.

The seating area which makes a light meeting is insanely colorful.

Booth seat with light blue shining.

The seating area where sheep has somehow seems to be a lady's room.

Google Tokyo office

This is Google's office in Tokyo, Japan. What is the wall room like a blue woolen ....

It looks like a colorful space, but it is unified with a simple design.

A woman's droid in the ladies' restroom.

Male droids are printed on men.

Seating area with blue goodwill.

It seems that the job will be scaled back while watching the wonderful landscape while surrounded by the ornamental plants.

Area where one to one meeting can be done.

Some rooms have diggers because of Japan.

The rest room is a colorful space based on red.

Goodwill is the character of "Gouguru".

A room with goldfish swimming in a pure white space. The wall at the back is painting a picture of Mt. Fuji in an old-fashioned public bath.

Twitter Headquarters

While the elevator hall at Twitter headquarters is chic design, the ceiling plants are accented.

Unlike the elevator hall, the interior of the office is based on white.

The walls of the meeting area have objects treated with various "T" fonts.

There is a chair for one person like a staircase in the wide cafeteria.

Kitchen space with modern design.

Cafe area where panels are arranged on high ceiling.

There is a terrace seat, and even if it is said to be a fashionable restaurant, I do not understand.

On the rooftop there are also terrace seats and lawn spaces, and on sunny days you can sunbathe here too.

There are also such large sofa seats. Where you are concerned about what to do on rainy days.

Facebook headquarters

The Facebook headquarters is characterized by various things being drawn on a white wall.

The side of the stairs has become a parking space.

Even though big glass is behind and it is visible from the outside, I concentrate on my work.

Various paintings are drawn on the wall, and rebar is bared in the ceiling.

Booth seat in cafe space.

The wall is white so the whole is bright.

The office is like this.

The appearance is also conspicuous.

A large seating area with a colonnade.

The picture painted on the wall is like a street art.

Adobe Head Office

Adobe's headquarter known for Photoshop and Adobe Flash Player is located in San Jose, California. Block type sofas are arranged in a large space.

Meeting area with warm feeling that incorporates natural light from the window.

There is little object on the desk.

Large conference room with more than 20 people.

Apple headquarters

Apple's headquarters in Cupertino. Like the food court, it looks like a food court and you can see that the scale is different from other companies.

Unexpected ordinary meeting room.

There is also a terrace area that overlooks a large garden.

The desk felt chaotic. thatSteve Jobs deskIn fact, it seems that a lot of documents were stacked and scattered.

Dropbox Headquarters

Head office of Dropbox in San Francisco city.

Small meeting space is using wood and directing a natural atmosphere.

Rather than lighting it is a light like art work.

Employees are eating at the company cafe.

Evernote Headquarters

Evernote's headquarters are in San Francisco city like Adobe. On the back wall there is a blackboard written "EVERNOTE CALIFORNIA REMEMBER EVERYTHING".

The light is diagonal.

Whether Evernote is committed to lighting, a unique design lighting.

The stairs are on the left with a bench so you can work.

I can not get mad at work on the stairs.

Of course there is also a neat office space. Most of the things are not placed on the desk and it is refreshing.

There are also gyms, and some people are coming by bicycle.

Microsoft headquarters

The head office of Microsoft looks at the blue spiral staircase.

The entrance of the meeting room is stylish.

There are many pictures on the wall of the office.

You can also play nostalgic smart balls.

Large meeting room. The sofa that seems to be comfortable is attractive.

There is also a large window at the desk of the private room so that the space is felt widely.

The chair in the conference room is colorful.

Pinterest Headquarters

The head office of Pinterest has a rather high ceiling.

The cafeteria also has a high ceiling and is spacious.

I looked down at the colonnade from above. The steel frame is bare in the ceiling.

The wall is pure white.

The office space is also based on white and it is a bright space.

The reception is like a fashionable general store.

You can see that there are few walls to partition the floor when you look at the whole.

Skype Headquarters

Skype acquired and acquired by Microsoft. One corner of the office is glassed and in the back there is a figure of employees who play billiards.

Space where the desk is located. There is no useless thing because the wiring is inconspicuous.

A dining room.

Objects like a sail of a ship are decorated on the ceiling.

A clock that represents time all over the world.

I would like to work while lying down on a round cushion.

The wall is red in the seating space.

It seems convenient if there is a small meeting area like this picture near the desk.

A map of the United States is adorned in the corridor.

Chairs and tables are all fancy designs where you can feel the attention of Skype.

Office space that feels playful. These spaces may create creative ideas.

There is always a meeting space next to the desk, so if you have a little business you can finish here.

SoundCloud Headquarters

Music sharing service The head office of SoundCloud is in Berlin.

Tables and ......

Many furniture such as chairs are made of wood.

Quite large meeting room.

This small conference room is decorated with neon light "Mission" on the wall.

If you look closely, there are neon lights in every room, and atmosphere is slightly different from other companies.

Seating area.

Illumination is attached to the ornamental plants on the table where you can talk about standing talks.

Many plants in this room too. In this way, you can see that the atmosphere in the office is slightly different between America and Europe.

Automattic Headquarters

Returning to America again, Automattic headquarters of WordPress in San Francisco.

There are several long desks and a table tennis table in a place like a gymnasium. Where I care about what is a large white ball type object.

The outside wall is glazed and the inside looks out from the outside. If it does not know that it is an office, it seems to misunderstand it as an interior shop.

Mozilla Headquarters

Mozilla known for Firefox. At the reception there is a stuffed fox that is a motif of the Firefox logo.

Kitchen area where you can cook.

The office looks like this and the chair hanging from the blue wall and the ceiling is impressive.

In the back of the desk, there is a worker in a small space effectively utilizing the wall.

There is a standing table in the dining room, and if it is light meal it is possible to finish with here.

In the meeting space, a fan-shaped desk is placed so as to surround the lower desk, and all the participants are easy to see the display.

A spherical conference room in the middle of the office. The customer seems to be surprised as to what is in the middle of the room.

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