Drone "Rapere Intercept Drone" to catch the drones by identifying targets by high-speed flight

Drone is expected to be increasingly active in the future as Amazon is planning to use it for delivery and can also work in disaster areas beyond human hands. If such drone technology continues to develop, infringement of privacy by the installed camera and eventually "Killer DronesSpies and uses for killing purposes are also considered. Therefore, as a countermeasure against Drone's misuse, drone who keeps flying at high speed and pursues the drones, makes the target unflyingRapere Intercept DroneIt is under development.

Rapere Intercept Drone

The movement of Rapere Intercept Drone looks like the following. First of all I will discover the target drones.

Pushing the "capture" button about charging docks ......

A rapidly moving Rapere positions the sky above the target. Technique that recognizes objects from multiple images with a large amount of VGA image quality and 90 fps high frame rate camera mounted on the Rapere main body "Structure from Motion(SFM) "and it will not misunderstand birds etc as a drone.

When "trapping line" hanging by Rapere entangles with the target propeller from the sky, it separates.

The target drone with which the thread entangled became immovable and crashed. Any drones with propellers such as Quad Cotter can make everything unflying.

Rapere who finished his role returns to the charging dock.

At the present stage, the flight limit time is only 2 minutes in order to maintain the maximum speed for tracking the drones. However, it can rise to hundreds of feet (100 feet = 30.48 meters) within the time limit in order to demonstrate excellent flight ability. Although the author does not reveal the name, he is an expert familiar with the drone industry and has been developed as a tool that can prevent infringement of illegal spies and privacy using the drones that will happen in the future. Although the price is yet to be determined, it is a much more expensive pro tool specification than the drone that DJI sells, which means that no one can purchase it to prevent exploitation.

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