An unnecessary application is automatically installed on the smartphone, and advertisements are also being delivered, what is the cause of it?

Smart phones and tablets can be customized to a user-friendly terminal by freely installing the application, but even if you thought that you thought that you deleted unnecessary applications automatically without user's permission There was a terrible thing to install the unnecessary app without permission again to annoy users.

Micromax Remotely Installing Unwanted Apps on Devices

Micromax is remotely installing crapware and pushing ads on users' devices - Neowin

Indian hardware manufacturer "Micromax"There is an application that is installed arbitrarily on the terminal, and even if it is deleted, it will be installed again after a while" when the user using the smartphone made by "On redditI reported this problem to the public. The terminal used by the user reporting that the application will be installed arbitrarily is Micromax'sCanvas Fire A093It has a 1.3 GHz quad core processor built in, and the OS is based on Android KitKat 4.4.2.

In response to this report, I started investigating terminals made by Micromax, a developer community site for mobile software development and discussionXDA Developers. According to XDA's survey, Micromax has installed its own software update application instead of the OTA software update for Android OS on some of its own terminals, and that this software update application is "Adups"It turned out that it was developed by a company called" company ".

It is on the official page of AdupsFOTAOn the page related to this page, it is stated that the profit is increased by using "application recommended service", "device data mining", "mobile advertisement" and so on. On the Micromax terminal, it often happens that dozens of consecutive notifications of recommendation applications are displayed to users through a software update application, so you can use the original software update application to install applications and deliver ads It is thought that Micromax aimed to expand earnings by doing it.

However, India is a very sensitive market for mobile communications, and users are paying for mobile services within a limited budget. If you use a terminal that apps will be installed without permission, communication charges will be generated at the time of installation, and if you notice the monthly usage fee, you will be expensive, "It is a particularly unpleasant way for cost-sensitive Indian users It seems there was an emergency. "NeowinI have commented on it.

In XDA Developers, as a provisional treatment method, we made the device Root,Android Debug BridgeIt is revealed that you can not use the software update application by using it.

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