A restaurant with a 50% discount comes out when you post a 1 star review at a review site

ByTobias Abel

Just like the Amazon reviews, restaurants and local business reviews "Yelp"We have adopted a five star review system. Yelp's review system has been questioned for impartiality since several classes of small and medium-sized enterprises have been filed, but a restaurant that practices a unique special discount system against Yelp's review system has appeared.

Yelp-hating Italian restaurant ups its one-star review discount to 50% | Ars Technica

An Italian restaurant located in San Francisco from the fall of 2014Botto Italian BistroPerforms a campaign to criticize Yelp's unfair reviewing system that offers 25% discount on favorite pizza to customers who posted a review of "Star 1" that is the lowest rating on Yelp's page It is. In January 2015 we changed the discount rate of the campaign to 50% and the most expensive pizza in the restaurant is "Supercazzola" of 35 dollars (about 4000 yen), but half the price of $ 17.5 ) I can eat it.

According to Ars Technica, Yelp is in litigation with regard to the review system, but in September 2014 the federal ninth Circuit DistrictAppeal court"The review system can be considered a threat with economic damage to the employer, but it is not illegal itself to post a review to Yelp." In addition, Yelp announces that "the Federal Trade Commission has finished a one-year survey and there are no plans to take measures against the review system."

Botto Italian Bistro received this, "Yelp has been offering a" paid option "to delete the low evaluation review before.The Yelp review system is an operable and unfair system," and " If you hate us on Yelp, we will love you. " Ars Technica contacted Yelp about this, but he said that comments have not returned.

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