Built-in antenna that doubles the communication speed to extend battery life iPhone case "Reach 79" What?

In places where radio waves are hard to reach, the phone is hard to connect or the video reading may not finish indefinitely, but amplify the radio reception sensitivity of the carrier's mobile phone communication network by the built-in antenna, doubles the communication speed IPhone 6/6 Plus case that it not only gives up, but also holds the battery wellReach 79"Has appeared.

IPhone 6 Cases with Advanced Technology from Reach 79

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Reach 79 has a built-in simple ultra-thin gold antenna without electrical contacts, which speeds up the communication speed by efficiently transmitting the radio waves of the cellular phone communication network to the iPhone. Settings and dedicated applications are unnecessary, you can automatically improve the reception sensitivity simply by putting the case on the iPhone. Because it will not waste the battery to look for radio waves, battery lifetime will be improved as well as the US Department of Defense standards (MIL-STD- 810 G Method 516.6) as well as a sturdy impact resistance.

According to the results of our own test by Reach 79, the communication speed is up to 3 times on the iPhone 6 case, 1.6 times on average, and 4.9 times on the iPhone 6 Plus case averaging 2 times on average.

According to the speed test conducted by Re / code reporter on the real review, the communication speed of 10.17 Mbps when Reach 79 was installed and 5.83 Mbps without Reach 79 was recorded. "There are cases where there is no change at all in some places, but there were many scenes where you could experience the speed improvement effect," Re / code says.

However, the amplification effect of the radio reception sensitivity is limited to "when the terminal is held by hand" and "when it is hit by the ear", and the communication speed will not be improved only by putting it on the desk.

Regarding the effect of Reach 79, although the download speed certainly improved, it seems that it can not be called "dramatic" anywhere. Although the effect is not constant, it can not be a panacea for improving radio wave conditions, but considering the price of $ 60 (about 7000 yen), it is worth using people who have serious radio condition problems "Re / code reporter who tested Reach 79 over a week is talking.

Although Reach 79 which is currently on sale is a model that can be used with most of the carrier radio waves in the US, in future it is said that the version which can further exert the effect only for the specific carrier wave and the Android version are under plan.

In addition, at the time of article writing, it is only for domestic domestic shipping, but the price of Reach 79 is $ 59.99 for the iPhone 6 version (about 7000 yen).

The iPhone 6 Plus version is $ 69.99 (approx. 8300 yen).

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