What is the change in "how to work" symbolized by Coca-Cola Company that abolished an answering machine

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In addition to the development and spread of the Internet, in recent years information terminals like smartphones have exploded and spread, so people's lives have changed completely. The same can be said in the business world, and now there are many people who can not remember how they were working 10 years ago. Meanwhile, it is a world-class soft drink manufacturerOne of the world's leading companiesBut "The Coca-Cola Company" has been promoting the effort to abolish the answering machine system to advance the efficiency of operationsBloombergIt is reported in.

Coca-Cola Disconnects Voice Mail at Headquarters - Bloomberg

In December 2014, the Coca-Cola Company abolished the answering machine system used internally. To that end, Ed Steinike, director of information at the company, explained in an in-house message addressed to employees "to simplify the way of operations and increase productivity". After that, in voice guidance notifying the absence to the opponent, it seems that the message requesting to contact in the "another alternative method" is made to flow again later.

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However, it is no wonder that the voice that Coca-Cola Company took in the days of e-mail, mobile phones, smartphones in the days ahead is raised, saying "It is around this time to abstract an answering machine? According to Bloomberg, the company was one of the huge companies that had been lagging behind the reform from the old system, and said that it was a company that left inefficiency that we had to check the contents by listening to each message one by one Thing.

It seems that the reaction inside the company was similar to that, and there was a small confusion to the changes notified to employees in November 2014. This proposed change is part of the reform plan decided on the decline of its worldwide business performance, and the entire proposed improvement will reduce the annual cost of 3 billion dollars (about 360 billion yen) by 2019 It is aimed at stabilizing the employment of employees.

Although it is said that the direct cost which is alleviated by abolition of the answering machine is less than 100,000 dollars (about 12 million yen) annually, at the company, by simplifying and improving the work, the other aspects It is said that we expect to lead to an improvement effect at.

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The most influenced by this reform plan is that it is a generation with a relatively high age. For young people who are accustomed to interacting with e-mails, it seems that hurdles are high for the above age group, and Michael Schrage senior researcher at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) People are morbidly injured by answering machines, "he points out.

In fact, the fact that only a limited number of employees seemed to continue using an answering machine among Coca-Cola headquarters. According to a message addressed to the above employees, the company has been moving away with answering machines and said that they were permitted to use the system only in the case of urgent need in business. In fact it was only 6% of employees who continued to use it, but as a result of this reform plan being implemented, we can not use anything in the future.

With recent smart phones, you can see at a glance which message is left on your answering machine, and you can easily distinguish what you really need to check. Transferring incoming calls to mobile phones is already a matter of course, and now there are also cases where you use a system in which voice messages of answering machines are converted into texts and mails arrive at themselves. Vishy Gopalakrishnan of AT & T Company, one of the leading telecommunication companies in the United States states, "World enterprises are now moving to a system that integrates telephone, e-mail, text messages, and movie distribution using Internet technology We are moving forward, so there will be no duplication between functions. "

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In the future, it is expected that people's way of working will change as the shift from using fixed-line networks to mobile lines progresses. By always realizing the "connected" state through the Internet, it is a way of thinking that various ways of working such as connecting phones anywhere in the world, confirming messages, and performing the same work can be done.

In the United States, stop using the widely prevailed cable TV (CATV) and switch to video distribution services like YouTube, hulu, NetflixCode cuttingThere is a trend spread called. It is in the background that it is accepted that it is possible to watch the program freely without being bound by the convenience of the broadcasting station, but "code cutting" will accelerate in the business world from now on maybe.

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