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Mos burgerWill release "XO sauce chicken burger" for a limited time from February 10 (Tue) until late March. I use it like Teriyaki Chicken Burger one by one in the shop one directly burned chicken thigh meat, the sauce that is put on the source is moss original XO sauce sauce. The price is 370 yen per one.

By the way, the past article of GIGAZINE of the same month in the same month was like this.

What is "100 yen morning set meal" that you can eat hot rice, miso soup and side dishes at 100 yen? - GIGAZINE

"CATZILLA" in which a giant cat and a girl rampaging like Godzilla fight a battle - GIGAZINE

Mango is huge and there is too much presence "Mango burger" Taste review - GIGAZINE

All you can eat oysterfly / raw oysters / baked oysters All you went to "GUMBO & OYSTER BAR Namba Parks Store" - GIGAZINE

Women's tears include ingredients that diminish male sexual desire - GIGAZINE

Male who won about 300 million yen in the lottery at the age of 17, the hardship of money constantly constantly lonely death at the age of 29 years old - GIGAZINE

Child of a polar bear with intense destructive power in a different meaning - GIGAZINE

[Dangyo] Voice actor, Mr. Osamu Ichikawa who played numerous beautiful bad characters, died for heart failure - GIGAZINE

Pictures that look like human face somehow looking at various things - GIGAZINE

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I went to the rocket's junk store! : Nikkei Business Online

In such circumstances, there is only one specialty shop in the world. "Norton Sales" which continues to operate for more than half a century in North Hollywood near Los Angeles, California, USA. I have recently visited this shop, which can be said to be a living witness of history.

He admits that he likes space development, but he is by no means just a mania. The moment I entered the store, my head was overwhelming, I was overwhelmed by the amazing amount. Major rocket engines used in the Apollo program and others, good ones that are also well preserved are lined up in narrow places, which will not impress any more. No, before I was impressed, it was shocking.

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A plastic piece on Mac's soft cream? Matsumoto-shi store: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Sony, "There was no choice to yield to threat" | Internet | Toyo Keizai online | Business site for new generation leaders

Mitsubishi Electric, why the limelight even in third place all year? Make profit margin at the top of the industry with a thorough "no strange idea" reform Business journal

Although sales and operating profit are the third place in total electric machinery, the operating margin is 6.5%, which is the top of the comprehensive electric machinery (Hitachi, Ltd. 6.1%, Toshiba 4.9%, both forecasts for FY 2002). However, there are few opportunities for the company to attract attention, which has no topic that will impact the market. How did "small honor student" hidden behind the giants of Hitachi and Toshiba establish a high profitable structure?

"Screws on lunch boxes" The possibility of intentional incorporation of complaints to Watami: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Osaka Prefectural Police, Kyoto Univ. Kumano Dormitory Searching for Core Home Actors Suspect: Asahi Shimbun Digital

"Practice of reckless family" Suspicion of traffic by bicyclist Junior high school student document Sending out: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Arrested a fraudulent firefighter who got a lot of fishing, Nara - 47 NEWS (Yoana News)

Kim Jong-Il, "Hungry commander can not fight" ... Corps long-class, replaced in his 50s (1) | Joongang Ilbo |

The solar photovoltaic bubble towards the end of 2015 is the true meaning of "renewable energy" in the first year

【Story of "here only" by Keiichi Takagi】 Honorable hospitality "as if as a red aristocrat" "leap forward" Legend of the unprecedented former chairperson reigning in the Communist Party (1/6 page) - Sankei News

Column: Sony's cyber attack damage assessment more 'crazy' than a movie | Column | Reuters

Bank of Japan Survey Individual Business confidence worsened for the third consecutive NHK News

Current affairs dot com: "Standing and dying rather than flying" = confrontation with extremism - penetrating - a caricature painter of murder in a Buddhist shooting incident

Paris newspaper raid, 1 French top manga artist sacrificed 1 photograph International news: AFPBB News

100 crows in Saitama dead bodies starved death or NHK news

Peru: approaching ground painting, accusing guiding role ... with Fuji program shooting - Mainichi Newspaper

Money laundering or 3 males and arrests NHK News

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Giant tuna dedication to Nishinomiya Shrine Daitoken Pettari Kim Luck Attack: Asahi Shimbun Digital

Wild animals Hakubishin, emerging in the city center Breeding and living in empty houses: Asahi Shimbun Digital

I quit AD for TV program but have any questions? : Leisure Person \ (^ o ^) / Breaking News - Livedoor Blog

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10 items of data on smartphones and videos that may be helpful for creating media in 2015 - contours of media

Misleading sites in Google advertising space Many NHK news

The page displayed by clicking on the link was made by falsifying the real homepages of real English classroom, grocery store, and inn.
When NHK interviewed seven operators who tampered with the page and one group, they responded that they did not sell household appliances either. Google has been investigating what was pointed out, as to the placement on the advertisement space, it is judged based on the guidelines and the fraud is It is supposed to exclude suspicious advertisements. "

【Event Report】 LG Displays World's First 34-inch Ultra Wide Liquid Crystal Corresponding to FreeSync ~ 1480-inch LCD with 980 g Broadwell Notebook - PC Watch

"34UM67" is a new model of liquid crystal for gaming adopting 34-inch ultra wide liquid crystal with an aspect ratio of 21: 9. The biggest feature is that it corresponds to AMD's "FreeSync" technology. FreeSync is a technology that synchronizes the refresh rate of the display according to the video output signal from the PC, and it can be considered as close to NVIDIA's "G-SYNC". According to LG Electronics, this is the world's first 21: 9 Ultra Wide LCD compatible with FreeSync.

A general liquid crystal display has a fixed refresh rate of 60 fps. There is no problem at all when using the Windows desktop or general application, but at the time of game play, disorder of the screen caused by the fixed refresh rate called "tearing" may occur. Since the 3D rendering game needs to render the screen according to the play situation, the rendering load changes depending on the scene and the frame rate does not become constant.

When such images are displayed on a fixed refresh rate liquid crystal display, the timing of drawing waiting occurs due to the difference between the frame rate of the game side and the refresh rate of the display side, and tearing occurs there. However, FreeSync synchronizes the frame rate of the game with the refresh rate of the display, so tearing does not occur and always smooth drawing is possible. However, in order to enable FreeSync, it is necessary to have a FreeSync compatible AMD GPU on the PC side.

World's First Release of SDHC Memory Card with NFC | 01 | Toshiba Semiconductor & Storage Company

Toshiba can upload directly to the "FlashAir III" overseas announcement - digital camera Watch

FLIR Systems Announces Successor of Infrared Thermo Camera "FLIR ONE" for iPhone # CES 2015 | Touch Lab - Touch Lab

ZaWorld C 87 new issue "Talk about future certification"

NEC launches a network camera with sensor function that lets you see the state of an outgoing home remotely from a smartphone (01 January 07, 2015): Press Release | NEC

About 25 months after starting to live with Kindle book introduction Amazon Associate alone

What I wanted as a child? ~ IPod marketing and Sony's decline - UEI shi 3 z's diary

The difference between NeXT led by Steve Jobs who continued to focus on software development for 11 years and Sony who just sold hardware alone was born here.
I think that Steve Jobs decided to make an iPod was a horribly clever decision.
ITunes acquired SoundJam MP which was developed outside the company and made it.
To make an audio player combined with iTunes, consultant Tony Fadel was called.
After writing so far, looking for something episode of the time, it became this kind of thing.

Jobs was aware of the opportunity, looking at Sony's dilemma in Memory Stick Walkman. So, Sony's explanation may be unnecessary. After attacking Fadel as a question, I moved to my favorite product planning.
First of all, it is to comply with Apple's winning equation.
With software and design power, surprisingly simple operation is realized. Then, the mp3 player will be from the geek one and that of the music fan. Pursue simple and change non-consumers to consumers.
For that reason, the gadget is for reproduction only.
Walkman was born when it cut out unnecessary functions from the tape recorder and made it "reproduction only". Jobs was going beyond Walkman by fusing hard and soft. Difficult operations are eliminated from the gadget, leaving it to iTunes on a personal computer. Is there a place for Apple to come to Sony with digital gadgets? It was this idea that I got after thinking desperately and arriving at iMovie.
Adopt 1.8 inch HDD to carry 1000 songs in your pocket.
Flash memory was about 64 to 128 MB at that time. If you can only carry 10 to 20 songs, you can not exceed the MD Walkman created by Sony's Naga Oga. In order to exceed the MD, it was best to use a small hard disk in units of GB.
Series 45th Steve Jobs brought to the world music industry ~ iPod edition | Musicman-NET
Again "MD Walkman" is the starting point, "Memory Stick Walkman" is caught as a chance.
And make a decision to make a product that exactly Sony.
Nonetheless no one could imagine the iPod truly pulling out the Walkman, again in 2001.
There was such a clever strategy on the back side.

A useful website useful for PC teachers: IT bulletin

META tag utilization complete guide noindex nofollow noarchive etc. Conclusion :: SEM R (# SEMR)

[Press Release] Information Processing Society and Nikoniko partnered - Information Processing Society of Japan

Start offering "Balance confirmation application" exclusively for smartphone | Japan Net Bank

Hiroki Takagi @ Diary of Home ☆ - Change of purpose of use From liberalization to isolation from the world (Way of Personal Data Protection Law 13)

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The era when it became impossible to sell the work -

Touhou Project Memorial: Full-text translation of what ZUN and narration told at NHK World's "imagine-nation" Toei had songs made before the characters!

Promotion movie first "Ultimate Tag Hen" [PUZZLE & DRAGONS SUPER MARIO BROS. EDITION] - YouTube

NHK news arrested for making popular anime stickers without permission

When the Metropolitan Police Department searched the garage, it means that we seized over 1000 stickers with over 30 popular anime and game characters.
In response to the investigation, I approved the allegation, "I began selling about three years ago, I sold approximately 2 million yen, I thought that I thought that Akihabara would be allowed."

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"Komuro Tetsuya sees the regional market" Kenro Hayami analyzes the 90's as a JPOP turbulent period - Real Sound | Real sound

Screenwriter · Kizushi Izumi's "Scenario Course" - Gamers, Be Ambitious

Even politician neta is not afraid of laughter even though Islam is "scary", he says that he is refraining before his death. - Invisible Dojo Honpo

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Meiji "Almond & Macadamia Special Nut Chocolate Assort" | News Release | Company Information | Lawson

~ Winter Limited ~ Using "Kinkans (Kinkan)" from Miyazaki, smoky winter Japanese fruit juice emerges in the throat "Wakamori Kinchin (Kikan) Apple Cider" ~ It is healed by the seasonal Japanese fruit juice! "Kanagi" and "Fuji Ringo" gentle taste ~

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