Google received 345 million copyright infringement links in a year and entered the top ten from Japan


In 2014 Google discovered that there were 345 million requests to remove links that infringe rights from search engines, which is 75% higher than the number in 2013 . Detailed data on the number of deletion applications and how the trends are changing is released.

Copyright removal request - Google transparency report

Google Asked to Remove 345 Million "Pirate" Links in 2014 | TorrentFreak

Google has not announced specific figures how much deletion applications were made in 2014,TorrentFreakAnalyzed from the weekly report, it turned out that the number of applications for deletion last year was 345.169134 cases. Most applications are accepted and links are deleted, but it seems that copyright has not been infringed or there are cases where actions are not taken such as when contents are already withdrawn.

The number of URLs requested for deletion from Google search per week has changed as follows. On the whole, it rises on the right side, especially in the second half of 2014 the number is rising.

Approximately 37 million URLs requested to be deleted in the last month and 57,000 specified domains are requested.

For domains with the most deletion applications, "", "" and so on, 5 million URLs are eligible for deletion. The most common copyright holder of the content wasBritish record industry associationMore than 60 million links have been reported.

Also, although it takes several steps to delete a link that Google infringes on copyright, it will not be charged for deletion or blocking of contents promptly before detailed investigation(PDF file)Notice and Take DownThe ratio increased. Although there were only tens of applications in 2008, it is now applied for more than 1 million copyright infringement links a day. We found that the complainant tended to ask Google more quickly and reliably.

The ranking of rights holders infringed copyrightsFrom this pageIt is possible to see. Besides the UK record industry associationFOX, From JapanDMM.comRanked in the top ten, and the number of URLs applied for deletion is about 9.7 million.

Data of DMM.comLooking at the number of requests per week is like this.

File storage services such as "", "", "" are arranged in the specified domain.

Google responds to copyright infringement applications, but due to the strong claim of the rights holders, the algorithm was changed in October 2014. We made an update to lower the rank of websites with many copyright infringement reports in 2012 but further revisions made it difficult for illegal sites to be displayed on the top when searching movies and TV programs .

In addition, Google said "The piracy occurs because the demand of the user is not satisfied with the regular version.The best way to overcome the piracy as Netflix and Spotify · iTunes demonstrate is that the regular version is more Well, it can be said that it will be easier to obtain, the combination of price, convenience and a better list is more important than anything else to eradicate piracy. "

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