A strange short film "The Gray Matter" of a man who has a hole in the back of his head

"One office worker wakes up on a hard ground covered with a mysterious blood streak and then for some reason he gains the charm of attracting beautiful colleagues.As a change in his life and a strange thing It is ongoing ... ... "Short film of about 17 minutes with a synopsis"The Gray Matter"Is published at Vimeo.

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The movie starts from a scene where a man wakes up on the street for some reason. In the movie, the wind hole of the head and the blood are clearly visible, so please be careful if you are not good at it.

Bloody men got up. If this is a man's own thing, it is a level not bothered by bleeding in large amount.

A man who managed to reach home.

I wash away the blood stuck to my hands and face with a shower, but there was a change in the back of the head ... ....

I came to see a doctor at the hospital, but the doctor laughed saying, "My brain has fallen to the ground."

Although he did not undergo surgery, the cost of treatment was $ 1500 (about 180,000 yen). What on earth what happened to him ......

What a pocket and hole were vacant in the back head part.

Men who wear bandages around their heads from the next day, wearing hats and going to work. Then you hear "Hay" and the voice of the person.

Even if I turn around, nobody seems to be talking.

Certainly I heard a voice, so I greeted with nobody.

Then a beautiful colleague, Emily appeared.

I will be taken my eyes unintentionally.

Men who introduced Chacha "work!" Also admire Emily's beauty.

However, a colleague's male is said to be "wasting time as much as chasing", and the state of being like "Takamine flower".

When the scene changes, when a man opens a cardboard box with a cutter ......

I cut it roughly.

Emily who came to the same room happens to rush.

"Show me it does not bite me" and it approaches quickly.

Then there are cuts but why there is no blood at all.

"Emily, are you?" "Oh ... .... I am Simon," I will introduce myself to each other ... ...

Actually, I've introduced myself several times in the past.

Emily who heard it speaks to Simon, "I will promise not to forget it next time I meet."

Simon to ask "That ... ... next time, when?"

Then Emily posted a phone number on post it and pasted it.

Simon who got the contact of a longing woman said that he is hesitating to make a phone call after going home ......

"The mysterious voice speaks" Are you going to attack? "

When Simon asked, "Who is there?", A mysterious voice says "Hahaha, please find it, I am in your head," shocking remarks.

Although he thought "I am tired" trying to call Emily, Simon who is on the verge of a mysterious voice laughing on rage.

Never mind thrusting his hand into the wound of the head ...

Creatures of mysteries speaking people 's words came out.

Simon gets fainted so much by surprise.

When I awake, Simon is changing clothes for some reason.

In the news there is a picture of a man wearing a hat ... ...

The news caster explains "zombies".

It was a colleague of a hangover that caused Simon.

When Simon asked, "Why am I here?", It is said that two people drank up last night, but there is no memory at all.

"That remembered ...., I do not remember how I did it, but I had attached a promise to date with Emily! Look at my cell phone," said a colleague.

When I looked at the mobile phone, Emily received a message saying "Simon, I'm counting tonight!", It looks like a fact.

Simon who came home in a hurry started preparing for the date with Emily.

So I talked to the creature that came out last night. While talking to "You are doing your best trying to get along with you," I'm going inside the rice of delivery and eating rice.

"Is eating my brains the human relationship you say? You are not friends, you are just a parasite, Simon truncates it."

"I will teach you romantic things that will make your date a success.When Emily comes in and say" I smell like it is very delicious. "Attack to the face as it is." Please tell me like a how-to book I will.

Emily really came home to such a place.

Then it seems that Emily smells very good. Simon got her face close to me and tells Emily that "It is a very delicious scent ...".

Emily is ready to close his eyes, but Simon is crazy about smelling the smell.

To break the funny atmosphere, Simon brought wine.

Two people drank bottled and drunk.

To do some massage on Emily's shoulder.

Two people who approached quickly again. Emily has a sexy voice, but drool from Simon's mouth ... .... From the inside of the head is "juicy ...... Umai ... .... ...., do it ...., do it ...," the voice of the parasite heard.

Emily said "Do not bite you, do not you think?" Simon embarked on Emily to hang around and out of the frame. After this, the end result of whether it will be a happy ending or a splatter development has been unveiled will be revealed in the movie. It is about 17 minutes and it is a slightly longer movie, but please have a look when there is time.

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