Publish sites that the content of deletion request and deletion number that Google received in "Right to forget"

ByAlain Bachellier

In May 2014, the European Court of Justice equivalent to the EU's Supreme Court ruled that "Person can request Google to delete search results on personal information", so the "Right to be forgottenIs accepted, and a deletion request is issued for information displayed in Google search resultsA predetermined formIt is now possible to do. In December 2014, more than half a year after the judgment, Google has released "total number of URL deletion requests", "example of deletion request", "top ten sites of the domain from which the URL was deleted", etc. in Europe.

European Privacy in Search - Transparency Report - Google

The total number of requests for deletion we received from users was 199,488 in Europe as a whole. The total number of URLs considered to be deleted was 691,141, of which 40.1% was deleted.

The total number of deletion requests Google received from France was 33,873, and the total number of URLs requested to be deleted from France related users is 12,5841. 48.9% of the URLs requested to be deleted were eventually deleted.

The total number of URLs requested to be deleted from users concerning Germany is 119,559. The total number of deletion requests was 30,238, and when looking at the graph, the URL of 49.5% was deleted.

In the UK, there were 96,126 URLs requested to be deleted, and the total number of requests was 24,591. 34.3% of the URLs requested to be deleted were deleted, which resulted in fewer results than France and Germany.

In Italy, only 25.3% of the URLs requested to be deleted are deleted, and as a result, the proportion of URLs not deleted as much as in the UK is larger.

This is an example of the contents of the deletion request. In Italy, there is a request to delete an article about a husband's murder from a woman, and since the name of the woman is included in the article, the corresponding page is deleted from the search result by the female name.

In the UK, a media official who posted infamous content on the Internet had a request to delete four links to articles on its contents, but Google does not delete it.

There was a request from the individual who was dismissed due to sexual offense in business to delete the link to the article on dismissal, but this was not deleted.

There is a request to delete a link from the individual who posted the image without permission without permission, delete the corresponding page from the search result by his / her name.

Regarding the misbehavior caused by the individual, the deletion of the link to the document officially announced by the national agency was not conducted as a result of the review. Like thisReview of deletion requestConfirms whether Google contains the old information or incorrect information on the client and checks whether the information remaining in the search results has public interest before deleting it It is that it will be decided.

Top 10 sites in the domain where most URLs were deleted from search results are here. In addition to SNS such as Facebook and Google+, it also includes major sites such as YouTube.

Many URLs were deleted from the search results in Europe where "forgotten rights" is allowed. In Japan, a man raised a trial against Google against the Google search results as infringement of moral rights, part of the contribution to Google from the search result in the lower courtA provisional disposition was ordered to order deletionThere are things, lawsuits addressing privacy issues on the Internet are getting rare. It will be no doubt that it will have a major impact on the lawsuits over the privacy of the Internet, as the date on which "forgottenable rights" applied in Europe comes to be recognized in Japan.

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