Why do modern people feel "busy"?

ByPeter Kuo.

With the development of technology people's lives are becoming more convenient as days go by, and they should be able to save time compared to the old days, but I think that 'there is no time to spare time' People should be a minority. The Economist summarizes the reason why such modern people feel "always busy".

In search of lost time: Why is everyone so busy? | The Economist

◆ Time is money (time is money)
It is done in the USALife time surveyAccording to, the leisure time of the American continues to increase from 1965, and the same trend is particularly noticeable also in European countries. Therefore, it seems that the free time actually has increased, but it is a type of recognition problem that I feel busy all the time.

"Time is money (time is money)As there is a saying said to be by Benjamin Franklin, people spend most of the day's work for work and receive money. By converting time monetarily, people become disliked by the waste of time and feel that they want to use time efficiently. As the economy grows, people's time worth rises, so they are increasingly feeling that "time is running short".

People living in New York tend to save time than the people in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, and pedestrians in London walk faster than the pedestrians in Lima, the capital of the Republic of Peru. Harry Triandis, a psychologist at the University of Illinois,egoismCulture promotes the idea of ​​"time is money," people are urging themselves to seek profits. "

In the experiments conducted by Sanford University and the University of Toronto, two groupsLakmeI listened to the opera song "Flower Duel" and checked the difference in time sensation. Before listening to music, I asked one group to calculate "How much would it be if I convert my salary to hourly wage?", The group that made the calculations became short-tempered while listening to music, I wanted to finish listening to the songs. "

◆ Elite Class Layer Feeling Time Nothing

ByHartwig HKD

Although modern people feel "I am busy and not having time" because I can not keep still even if my leisure time increases, but I do not have data on international time and stressSogang UniversityAs a result of the analysis, it turned out that the more economically wealthier the class, the more time appealed. Even if we can earn a stable income, there is no time to use after being employed by work, the person who can produce enormous profits even if there is a certain leisure time will feel that "time is wasteful".

Also due to the spread of smartphones and tabletsMultitaskingBy being able to easily contact by e-mail by e-mail, I am concerned about work even outside work hours, and it is part of the cause that I feel "being chased by time".

◆ Increase in female employment

ByJenny Bradford

While the employment rate of women in the United States continues to rise in the United States, mothers tend to undertake the majority of work related to child rearing and housekeeping even in families who work together. Men who have received adequate education tend to do housework such as cooking and laundry more than what their father had done in the family where they were born and raised, but in terms of males, only about half of women do housework There is nothing. Also, because men often undertake "tasks that can be postponed" such as lawn mowing and repair of defective items, working mothers feel that they are particularly short of time.

There is no time to waste ◆
Harvard University graduate school of business administrationA survey of 1000 expertsAccording to, 94% have working hours of at least 50 hours per week, half of which work more than 65 hours a week. Another survey shows that the proportion of American men with a college graduate who works more than 50 hours per week has risen from 24% in 1979 to 26% in 2006. Time visits equally to everyone, but it is a liquidity asset that can be exchanged for money and has a property that it becomes more valuable as fewer hours are spent, so real leisure time only visits old age who retired work Maybe.

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