Arasa girls who can not speak English also can not talk to the locals "Once around the world" Once such an adventure was waiting

1 year 5 months 3 weeks and 2 days, I tried summarizing the trip of the whole world that spanned 39 countries in each topic. Hello!World newspaperIt is Akasaka Nobu, a special reporter. My journey around the world ended successfully and I was able to return home.
◆ Also when you were mentally entrusted ... ...
I am in Japanphysical therapistI was doing the job. Every day, while rehabilitating with a patient with sickness or injury, I thought that "I am fine and the situation where I can do what I want to do is a happy thing ...". The work felt rewarding strongly, but I was not satisfied with my boss's idea, I got married and moved to another department. Until I moved, there was a time when I was in a state like being dried in that department, I was mentally enthralled. Meanwhile, now that I am 30 years old (then 27 years old) it is the greatest opportunity for 'World Tour' dreamed of for many years? I decided to go on a journey.

I graduated from a vocational school and I could hardly speak English. And, while traveling, I was not aiming for skill improvement in any field, simply thinking "Let's go to where I want to go!" There is no time in society and money, the money is not infinite ... .... "Well then, let's go all at once !!" I decided to go around the world.

I was traveling with this backpack as big as me. Weighs about 20 kg.

Inside of the world Arasa girls' backpack contents all | World newspaper

◆ Route around the world
After that, after preparing for retirement for one year, concrete preparation for the trip, further information gathering, 28 years old and 2 months traveled to around the world.

North and Central America: USA → Mexico → Cuba → South America (Land only in South America) = 6 months and a half in total, 10 countries
Europe: Western Europe (Including Morocco) → Eastern Europe → Former Yugoslavia → Turkey (nearly land route only) = 1 year total, 30 countries
Asia: Asia · Hawaii (also using air way)
Total: 1 year 5 months 3 weeks and 2 days, 39 countries / 29 years of age and 7 months returning

◆ I want to go abroad! But do you think ...?
Before 30 years old, many women who are single and do not plan to get married think that they will consider their own life in the future. Work side (skill up and change job), love side (start marriage or matchmaking?), Family ... Although there is no dirt on mentioning it.

This article is for Alasar girls who are wondering whether to go abroad (study abroad / long trip etc.). I will tell you about "What happened" as I traveled.

"Nature" "Animals" "Culture" "World Heritage" was a keyword of my interest. Below, such ordinary Arasa girls will pick up the place I tried without permission and report what they felt there! As you see this, "What do you feel" that is also your freedom.

◆ You should be coming while you are young! Where I thought
· 1: Machu Picchu (Peru)
IMachu PicchuYou can overlook ruins "WainapanchuI climbed from Machu Picchu ruins for another hour. In this photo, the mountain rising over the ruins is exactly Wainapicchu.

This is the view from the side of Wainapichu. That climbing stairway was made at the time of the Inca civilization, it is steep and steep ... ... especially when you are in Shimoyama, there is a person who will die and die. I was worried. I remember the European who was descending crying like crawling and making it. I bet he was not good at high places. I recommend that you go while you are young so you do not have to worry about it.

· 2: El Calafate (Argentina)
In this town,Los Graciares National Parkthere is. The glacier is beautiful blue, I was impressed.

I can trek on this glacier, "Big IceTrekking tour day by day, called age limitation is up to 45 years old. Short trekking has no age restrictions. When restricted by actual age, I feel the world severe at a stroke. It is not always like this picture. There were several places like this. The glacier was really great, so if you are interested it is advisable to go while you are young.

◆ Unique, special place
· 1: Havana (Cuba)
Socialist countryAmong them, the nearest to the USA, the AmericanTrade restrictionsIt was a country that received extremely few "things" because it was sometimes received. Even in the country that is said to be poor, the current situation was that things were overflowing if you go to the market. But Cuba does not have anything anyway. I can not do the Internet either. A car that is about to worry as if you are running "Are you OK?" Such an atmosphere, atmosphere was unprecedented in others as well.

· 2. Varanasi (India)
Ganges RiverClose to,HinduismIt is a place called holy ground among the students. A gently flowing Ganges river, along the river "SadhuA trainee called trainee, a narrow street where only two people can pass through, a cow that cups there, a strange smell mixed with garbage and cattle feces, a morning and evening bath, a dead body to burn ... In India I felt the scenery and smell which is only in the city intensely.

◆ This remote island can not be removed
· 1: Easter Island (Chile)
Unknown,Moaiis not it. After all, the fusion of Moai and magnificent nature was a scenery that exists only here. People were gentle and calm, and there was atmosphere like a detached island in Okinawa.

· 2: Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)
I can only see it hereEndemic speciesHowever, as it is natural it can be seen a lot. PhotoGalapagos Giant tortoiseis. Looking closer, the feet were like dinosaurs rather than elephants. It seems that water quality / soil pollution is progressing due to the increase of tourists / migrants in the story of the guide unexpectedly because the garbage is falling down. Is not it better to make more regulations more stringent? On the other hand, because I am coming here and having fun, I felt a complicated feeling. However, I was able to see a lot of animals I saw only in an illustration, and I was really moved.

◆ Surprising place that seems to be interesting after backpacking
· Hawaii Islands (USA)
There is too familiar in Japan, the image of the vacation is preceding. However, as there are many rural areas and many gentle people, I thought that I would like to touch more people in the city. It may be funny to try leisurely for 1 month to 2 months, Farm stay.

Backpackers When girls come to Hawaii it becomes like this | World newspaper

◆ Places you wanted to live in
· Malaga (Spain)
I visited in late January, but I thought that the temperature is also easy to spend, with temperatures around 20 degrees.MalagaIt is an impression that rice was cheap, there were many friendly Spaniards. However, I met many Spaniards on my journey,Spanish economyBadness of the euro area, instability of the economy in the euro area, immigration problems and serious unemployment rate ... ... I heard a lot of problems. Every time, how about Japan? What will happen to the future of the Japanese economy? On the contrary, I became interested in Japanese economy as well.

◆ The beautiful sea
· 1:Cancun(Mexico)
From here I also went to the island "Isla Mujeres", but I thought that the Caribbean Sea around here is cleanest blue of the ocean. It was shallow and transparent, living on the beach lying down every day and reading a book ... there were lots of Europeans. Indeed, it was a sea that is healed just by looking.

· 2: Habar Island (Croatia)
The sea around the island was truly amazing transparency. I still can not forget that beautiful blue.

It's as blue as the painting of the sea! Around the beautiful island of Croatia | World newspaper

◆ My favorite remains
· 1: Cobar ruins (Mexico)
By chance, I met another Japanese, I accidentally found a signboard of this ruin and went by two people. Although not famous, the fusion of nature and ruins was wonderful.Cobha ruinsIt is a ruins of Mayan civilization, I am amazed that I made such an archaeological site around the BC. In addition, it seems that Spain people found out of the jungle in the 19th century. I thought that the adventurer I found might have become "Ooooo !! Small - ー ー!" ... I could not help feeling romance.

◆ Places where you felt the importance of history
· 1: Auschwitz (Poland) & Berlin · Jewish Museum (Germany)
During the Second World War, Nazis · GermanyJewI used it for slaughterConcentration campthere is. Even now, how Jews were brought, how they were managed, how they were killed, ... How many people were killed ... Jews, German physicians, administrators of Nazis ... .... There are also materials of ")," I was wondering what I was doing there at that time, for example, if it is a Jew, if I was a doctor, for example, what did I do ... ... I strongly thought ... " . For example, a German physician was sorting out those who killed soon, those who could work for a while. I wonder how you sorted it out ... ....

After AuschwitzBerlin · Jewish MuseumI went to. By going neither, the understanding of this sad history has deepened. Although it is a tragic history, I thought that it is absolutely necessary to avoid repeating the tragedy by many people sharing. We recommend you to go with these two places by all means.

· 2: Pearl Harbor (Hawaii)
Pearl Harbor attackThe situation is a museum. Japanese people are? Nikkei people? What about Americans? There was an opinion in each position. And at that time many Japanese were already immigrated to Hawaii. "As Japanese attacked Hawaii, many Americans suddenly persecuted from Americans who were alive together until now." The misery of such people came in painfully.

◆ Places that have become indifferent
· 1: Ushuaia (Argentina)
"The southernmost city in the world"It is said to be" the most antarctic in the world ". I started traveling from the United States, and it reached this southernmost point in about five months. Since all the migration in South America was a bus or a train, I was sentimental with sense of accomplishment, "I came here ... ..." on my own. Actually, at this time, I was tired of repetition of movement, continued anxiety about security, the first thing about the rice in South America (meaning it did not suit me, I often eat Chinese, etc.) I wonder if there is a meaning to go around the world ... ... and I was a little worried about quitting the world round.

· 2: Yeosu [Yeosu] (Korea)
It is the southernmost city of South Korea. "Ah, I already thought that it was Japan, so I came home so far" almost every day I thought. A few days later,BusanI planned to return home from a boat bound for Hakata.

◆ A city where national costumes were lovely
· 1: Chivay (Peru)
Not a tourist opponent, even today they are wearing traditional costumes on a daily basis "Cholita"In Peru and Bolivia where there were a lot of people, the embroidery of clothes and hats here was brilliant in color, I thought that the pattern was fine and it was nice. Women in this photo, hats and vests are not prints, all embroidery.

I also wear grandma who has bent such a waist everyday. When I ran in the countryside with a long distance bus, I often saw the landscape that I worked on in the field with ethnic costumes. When thinking that such a place has decreased from all over the world, I felt that the city where many people are still wearing daily is a precious existence.

· 2: Kolkata (India)
Everyone's gaudySallyI do not wear everyday. It seems there is a daily use and a celebration use. In Kolkata etc, poor people are wearing plain Sally. Chubby aunt Thanks to Indian people wearing Sally for many years, I thought that the feeling familiar with the body and life was nice. I also wanted, I bought Sally. I will give it to my daughter in the future.

I tried preparing to be a mother in India (though I am single) | World Newspaper

◆ Places where you met strange animals
· 1: Galapagos Islands (Ecuador)
Charles DarwinButTheory of evolutionIt is famous for places you noticed, and many unique species are still protected a lot now. It was really fun to see lots of such rare birds. thisWhite-tailed boobiesThe foot is really pure blue. I will dance like this as one of courtship behaviors. If the male dances, if the female is OK dance ... ... Is not it nice! It is!

American GunkotoriInflate the throat red bag with courtship behavior.

· 2: Amazon (Bolivia)
Birds that have never been seen, crocodiles,CapybaraThere were many.

For the first timeAnacondaAlso touched. Although it looks like it looks strange, I touch it when I touch it ... I can not forget that feeling bad. I went on a bus for 20 hours from La Paz in Bolivia to the city near Amazon (Relenavacke). I did not want to go there for the second time because that movement was hard.

◆ The most attracted bird
· Tucan (Bolivia)
BolivianSanta CruzIt was kept in the town's inn that it was kept. In the past, in Paraguay and Brazil, it seems that there were many in that area, but it seems that the number has decreased considerably.ToucanIt was a bird whose eyes were lovely and healed.

◆ Fascinated food
· 1: Wonton noodle · dry version (Malaysia)
In MalaysiaMelakaI ate at a small canteen in the city. There is no juice, but the sauce is contained in the bottom, mix and eat. The slightly sweet sauce was exquisite and went to eat every day for 3 days.

· 2: Digic Cupper (Korea)
It is said that the former is a North Korean cuisine. It seems that the North Korean who exiled started living near Busan, spreading. It seems to be difficult to find in Seoul etc, but it is delicious in BusanDigi CupThere were a lot of shops, there were also about 350 yen if cheap. It was very delicious. I have eaten about 5 times in my 3 days stay.

◆ Delicious for its name
· Kui [= mouse] (Peru)
Popular in Peru "KuiIt is an edible mouse called so. The skin was a little hard, but it looks like chicken, it has no smell and it was delicious.

◆ Places of delicious seafood
· Chiloe Island (Chile)
I shared it with the Japanese and the Singaporean who I came across by chance and ate it. At that time, about half a year passed since I left Japan. There are really few places to eat seafood cheaply overseas. Sushi is too expensive! So at this time I was happy enough to cry.

◆ Places where meat was delicious
· Buenos Aires (Argentina)
When trying to buy beef tongue, cows' tongue is sold by chunks in supermarkets etc. Moreover, it is about 300 yen. I remember desperately dealing with one person. And it was delicious enough to melt.

◆ The most delicious beer
· Beer near Osorno (Chile)
In the countryside of Chile, I kept listening to the locals without finding any information, and I arrived. This placeOsornonearAndean MountainsA German who fell in love with the beauty of the water, was playing a shop. The same person, this beer is the best in the world! It was said. Although the taste was firm, it was crisp but it was really great.

◆ Simple but interesting activities
· The end of the world swing (Ecuador)
It is the place of memories that I visited without going back to guide books and internet information only when the journey began. "End of the world swings"The other side of the swing is a cliff, but I felt better than it looks.

◆ Places as expected
· Uyuni salt lake (Bolivia)
Recently, the popularity in Japan seems to be amazing. But I think that it is the place I will not disappoint the most. With a schedule with plenty of time, we recommend to check the weather firmly at the site locally (I think it is a waste to go in short-term or Japanese summer vacation (dry season)).

◆ Where the stars were beautiful
· Easter Island (Chile)
I spent a week camping here. When I looked out from the tent every day, it was this starry sky. When I was camping in such a place, I felt a strange feeling that I was being thrown to the edge of the universe when I noticed ......

◆ Where the morning sun was beautiful
· 1: Easter Island (Chile)
This, a picture of Moai and the morning sun. I do not need explanation, do you?

· 2: Monument · Valley (USA)
Navajo tribeIt is a Holy Land of the Indian called. The morning sun we saw overnight was awesome.

◆ Place where people felt kindness
· Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
I was curious at RioFavelaWe stayed at a Japanese Inn in Slum area. Favela is a steep slope, but as my teenage youth became sweaty, I carried my baggage and searched for a hotel together. Just listening to the road, people who brought luggage instead and stayed at the same place together were only young people later and afterwards. Besides, the young man lives in the slum next to this slum. On the way, even when a young person listens to the people in the town, the slum people really taught us gently. Also, it was the moment when one "preconceived" collapsed.

◆ Places where there were many surprisingly friendly people
· 1: Pristina (Kosovo)
EuropeIn the area, both adults and children spoke to me most often (there are cases of strange words like Chinese). Maybe it is being stupid, but the smile is cute and I was not particularly concerned.

People in hilarious Kosovo broke my prejudice - GIGAZINE

· 2: Yeosu (Korea)
I met many Korean who can not speak English. I can not speak English, but everyone is very kind and where is the anti-Japanese? I thought.

Koreans were so kind ...! Reason for advancing "Korea" for beginner backpackers | World newspaper

◆ Where I thought "Ah, I am around the world"
· Sahara Desert (Morocco)
"Ah, I did not expect to come to such a place surely" I was impressed. And at the same time say "I've come to such a place" ... I remember feeling somewhat strange.

◆ Return home, what I think now
The above report is really a part. In the year and a half, I met something "fun", "painful", "sad", "painful", "interesting" and "moving". It is "person", "place", "landscape" ... ... really is something various. When continuing the trip, gradually mere "places", "buildings", "world heritage" and the like are gone from the range of interest, instead the "people", "language", "history" etc. on the site are of great interest It changed to the point of.

I was not very aware of English, and I could not imagine "I can speak English" forever. However, when studying Spanish in South America, I learned that "I can enjoy talking so much simply because I can speak the language!" And motivated me to "speak English more!" Became stronger After that I actively increased opportunities to speak English during my trip.

It's been a long time since I thought that "I came to be able to communicate in English" in a year and a half. Still, I could only speak a little English, the number of "people" involved changed, the "number" of information changed, I felt that the size of "feeling" I knew changed considerably. To be able to share the feeling of local people and overseas travelers, to share a trivial impression, to be able to know the roots of that person, so that new feelings will be born.

I felt that I felt such trivial things, I thought that I changed my feelings for my journey greatly. And by knowing "person" like this, there were also many opportunities to look back on "myself".

Even if you can not speak English! 10 people who got Alasa girls touched throughout the world around the year and a half | World newspaper

◆ Will it be "blank" or "grow"
As I told you first, I was working as a physical therapist. It is unclear now what this journey brings to my work. However, throughout my journey, I would like to engage in "people", and why is "the person in front of my eyes" angry, pleased or sad? For now, I want to work with such feelings to "people" in front of my eyes, and I wanted to engage with people around me.

I think that it will depend on my behavior in the future whether the year and a half went to travel as "blank" or "growing". First of all, I think that returning something in my field will be the first step toward reintegration. Certainly, I think the blank for Japanese society is great. However, I was convinced again what is important in my life ... ....

In Japan, there are "negative life", "busy", "feeling of blockiness", etc. as negative images. I think that the reason is for each person. And I think traveling abroad I think that cheap culture such as "guest house" and "dormitory" is extremely low in Japan. I wanted to create a "guest house where you can rest your heart" like a combination of these two items. Japanese people who wish to survive seriously in Japanese society and want to make "a place to rest" in Japan, thinking that "it is hard to live", "painful" and "there is no escape place" are Japanese. From elementary high school students to elementary and senior high school students to society people, the elderly ... Such people can feel something from new encounters, find new ways of living, or get the vitality to return to work ... ... If such a place can be created is.

Life thinks that each person, each thing that happens and each person, "something" getting there, is also person. Recognizing the difference of such "people", I would like to return to the Japanese society from now on, work hard, play hard so hard, I want to live that way. That is all I think of Arasa girls! I want to summarize it.

Thank you so much if there were someone reading from April! It is! I was able to accomplish my trip with all of you. I want to say. That word exhausts. Now I was able to come back from living around the world alive. I'm really thankful to you.

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