The idea that a bright future will be held by "mathematics" in preschool education

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The importance of preschool education in elementary school is being reviewed, but what kind of education should be done among them is controversial and no definitive answer has been found. However, in order to smoothly advance the "educational route" leading from elementary school to university, research is being advanced that "mathematics done in preschool children is important".

Why Math Might Be The Secret To School Success: NPR Ed: NPR

In the United States, the importance of primary education is recognized, and the educational measures of preschool (Japanese nursery school / kindergarten) in 30 states since 2013 have expanded significantly. Furthermore, in December 2014, a conference on primary education was held in the White House, the increase in the budget on primary education was discussed, and the idea that investment in primary education has led to the success in higher education later is common It is getting more and more.

However, although there is agreement on the importance of education for preschool children, the point of "what kind of education should be done" is, in the first place, "what kind of ability will be developed to help There is a variety of views on the idea of ​​"goal (goal)" itself ", so uniform uniform answers have not been found.

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Meanwhile, New York City plans to allocate a huge budget of 25 million dollars (about 3 billion yen) for educational aid to preschool children, and is expected to designate "arithmetic (arithmetic)" as an important educational field . This is because there are research results showing that math education for preschool children has a great influence on subsequent school life.

University of California in 2011Greg DakkanThe professor says, "The knowledge of mathematics in elementary education is one of the things that most affects success in the subsequent curriculum program"reaserch resultAnnounced. According to this research, those who "learned knowledge of mathematics in kindergartens" more than elements such as "IQ" and "income from parents" tend to increase the score of mathematics and national languages ​​in subsequent higher education It turned out. In addition, it is also clear that students who have learned math education in preschool children have a high rate of advancement to higher education such as high school, university, graduate school, etc. after completing compulsory education.

"Mathematics education" tends to image difficult contents, but in education for preschool children, it counts numbers with "1, 2, 3, 4 ......" in a loud voice, counts numbers while jumping "Number play" OK. While you do not understand the meaning of the numbers, you can cast numbers as "play", when you turn around in a race, count the numbers or answer questions such as "Which is bigger (score of game)?" I gradually began to understand the concept of "number", and finally learned the shape of circles and squares using familiar objects, eventually they will be able to acquire geometric knowledge such as figures .

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From the earliest time it is possible to practice without using educational expenditure, because we can improve the future learning achievement by honing the "mathematics" elementary knowledge, so the conventional "investment in education (high school fee payment) → high learning It is thought that it is thought that it has the power which can break the vicious circle of the graphic that "poor people remain poverty" such as "ability → high income get", so it is attracting attention from organizations acting to eradicate poverty.

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