Insertion into USB port Hacking device "USBdriveby" which rewrites to DNS by setting backdoor that can remotely control PC on several seconds in a few seconds

When connecting the iPhone or iPad for the first time with the PC, "Do you trust this computer?Warning is displayed, but when connecting a USB device such as a mouse or a keyboard to a PC, there is no particular warning or the like displayed, and the user himself will also connect with the PC without any doubt . In order to show that such a USB device will turn into a horrible tool if you are concerned, hackersSamy KamkarWas developed by "USBdriveby"is. Just plug it into the PC, in a few seconds into the PCback doorIt secretly created, and further hacking device to rewrite DNS.

USBdriveby - exploiting USB in style

This is "USBdriveby". Although it looks like an accessory hanging from the neck, it is a terrible device that creates backdoor in a moment if it is inserted in the PC.

A variety of USB devices such as mice and keyboards, desk lamps and electric fans recently are overflowing in the market. These USB devices can be used as soon as they are inserted in a PC without installing a dedicated driver. These seem to be able to avoid the PC firewall, it is a small device that can be purchased for several thousands of yen, but what if what actually happens if harlocking tools are actually installed in it , So that hacker Kamkar seems to have made USBdriveby.

Even if USBdriveby is inserted, the PC recognizes USBdriveby as "just keyboard", so you can easily avoid security. It is also possible to secretly build backdoor in PC and rewrite DNS. Besides, it seems that access to applications etc can be easily done.

A demonstration using USBdriveby can be seen in the following movie. Although the OS X device is used for the demonstration, this USBdriveby works well on Windows and Linux.

USBdriveby - exploiting USB in style - YouTube

Kamkar who came out at the bottom left of the screen is developer.

USBdriveby has what you have in the hand at the top right of the screen.

Insert USBdriveby in PC ......

Search DNS server from Finder

And ...

I have rewritten the DNS. In the movie, I show this behavior repeatedly and repeatedly while showing the source code.

USBdrivebyTeensyIt is made by using, and there is explanation about this.

The source code of USBdriveby microcontroller is published on the following page. There are two kinds of source code for Teensy and Arduino.

Samyk / usbdriveby · GitHub

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