Google is considering "Buy Now" & "Next Day Delivery" against Amazon

ByDaniel Kulinski

Amazon will ship from the settlement just by clicking "1-Click OrderAlthough it adopts the system,Google ShoppingGoogle to manage Amazon as a countermeasure against Amazon "Buy now (Buy it now)It is reported that the button is being constructed.

Google Preps Shopping Site to Challenge Amazon - WSJ

Google might build its own 'buy now' button to compete with Amazon | The Verge

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google is believed to be implementing "buy now" button which enables one click payment on search results of users searching for products on Google Shopping.

Since Google does not possess its own warehouse, products purchased will be shipped from another company's sales site as before. As with Amazon's Amazon you can not deliver overnight on a single click, but GoogleAmazon PrimeWe are also considering an annual fee plan such as, and subscribers can select the option of delivery the next day for free.

Forrester ResearchAccording to data from the last quarter of the previous quarter, 39% of users shopping online are searching for items directly on Amazon's website, but 11% users search Google products to find the products they want He used the engine. Therefore, The Verge is evaluating that implementing the "buy now" button in Google search results is "an effective means to recoup some customers from Amazon."

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