I've been eating "Seafood Rice Bowl" at Yama-sushi Sushi head office that still put 18 kinds of seafood here

Meat that seemed to protrude from the bowl was on itA rice bowlAnd seafood protrudedLavish bowlThere are awesome looks of rice bowl, but even the seafoods are put on top of this, but the menu which treated up to the gilt is Kanazawa'sOmi-cho MarketIt is in"Bowl of rice topped with sashimi"is. I went to a shop because he was supposed to be a dish of plenty of seafood on 18 kinds of seafood.

Kanazawa Omi cho Market mountain sushi head office | Hokuriku It is the homepage of a long-established sushi shop "mountain sushi head office" in Kanazawa Omi cho market where all the nature's blessings gather.

The address of Mr. Yama-sushi head office is "Shimonumae-cho Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa prefecture 68", located in the Omi-machi market.

When arriving in front of the mountain sushi at lunch time, about 20 people were already lined up in front of the shop.

Looking at the menu in front of the shop ... ....

I found a target seafood rice bowl. Even the sample looks amazing.

I will line up in the queue.

I was able to enter the store in about 30 minutes to wait. The seat is a seat in the seat ... ...

Counter seats are prepared and private table seats are available.

Since I visited alone this time, I was introduced to the counter. I immediately ordered the famous "Seafood bowl (2500 yen tax excluded)".

When the order entered, Mr. Oshima started making dishes quickly.

I had a queue, so I waited outside, but after ordering the menu is on the table in 5 minutes.

In the bowl, shelf shells, crab legs and shrimp are on it.

Eel · Number child · Kani · tuna · scallops · squid

Wanted · Kanpachi · Salmon · Tako is on it, and all seas of seafood are in juxtaposition. I feel like I can eat it as sushi one by one instead of putting it in one bowl.

How much gold leaf was on, wasabi, and even colorful.

Parsley · lotus root · Tamagoyaki is also included.

First of all, when I tried eating from crab, the crab's umami somewhat escaped because there were times when I visited this time before the lifting of crab fishing. Crabs can be caught in Ishikawa Prefecture from mid November to March, so if you go for the season you may be able to eat more tasty crabs.

The shrimp is a female shrimp with a thin blue egg, and it has a sweet taste which is close to sweet shrimp.

Although the eel was on the eel, it was slightly cold, so the fat had cooled down.

The number child seems to be slightly different from other sushi stories, with a crisp texture.

When eating fish and shellfish to a certain extent, it finally appeared.

The tuna has a delicious taste and the fats are on top of it well, and the compatibility with soy sauce from the local Noto is outstanding.

The scallop had sweetness and it was tightly packed with taste.

How much is bubble wrap and the texture is good. There was gold leaf on it, but the taste did not change in particular.

The snapper is crispy in texture, and it feels good to have a delicious umami.

The taste of rice is thick, it is a luxurious taste.

Asia has a moderate amount of fat and compatibility with Shari is outstanding.

Tako is freshest with a sense of cliché. The umami oozes out barely.

Sweet egg-fried sashimi-san seemed to enjoy a fluffy texture.

Mr. Yama-sushi is a business from 7:30 in the morning to 19 o'clock in the evening, and it is said that there is also a premature end when neta and shari are gone. In the morning there is a morning bowl (900 yen tax excluded) menu so it may be good to go to the shop while going around Omi machi market which is the biggest market in Kanazawa.

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